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Yesterday I posted the full video on twitter(2minutes plus also linked in my profile right now) this video created so much attention around empathy, circumstances and just mental life dynamics, please please please watch the full video on #IGTV ASAP and leave your $0.02 in the comments. THIS IS MY AMBITION, bring ❤️❤️❤️to the #audience.
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Of course life isn’t fair. Life’s so complex and there are so many variables but if you’re chasing your business dream and heck happiness this #mindset will help you so much. Understanding what you control is so key in today’s world and there is an enormous abundance in he system.
The key here is #happiness, too many think resources am $$$ is their answer without realizing there is so many think behind someone’s life that you may not know.
Please get your mind right, I love you, now love yourself.
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There are certain professions that school is bringing value to in 2018, unfortunately #entrepreneurship isn’t one, daily I watch the relevance of schools at all levels decrease. #education is imperative but if you want to be a entrepreneur you need to get into “doing” mode, not reading, #entrepreneurship is like push-ups, you can’t read about it, you had to do it. #garyvee


Many times I say listen to yourself not anyone else. Problem is it’s your voice that is the problem, issue is you think it’s your voice and I think someone put that voice in you as a kid or along the way. Your self doubt was implanted and I am here to take it out and allow your real voice to show you the way. I have real love for you, now love yourself.
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It’s time to have honest conversations about the people that are closest to you but are in a bad place themselves and their impact on you. So many of you aren’t living life because of your mom or dad or older sibling or spouse or boy / girl friend, I actually have a lot of empathy for them because clearly if they are holding you back their in a bad place too, but it’s time you take accountability for your life and realize the score and change the game. I wish happiness for you so much and it starts in your mind and your surroundings, please address them.
I mean no disrespect, I want happiness, tag a friend -
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👀 Gary has only ever posted on his Insta himself but he is currently traveling back from Asia to LA with bad wifi so he asked me ( @krainak ) to get this post up!! Gary wanted to make sure you you all knew he’s on twitter going HAM though so hit him up there @garyvee

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“How can you stay on stage like that and sign books for so long, you’ve already given them so much, he asked.
My answer was simple, “how can’t I”
I am fascinated by people’s #perspective in life, it’s become very clear to me as I get older, “you find what you’re looking for” some see signing a book and taking a selfie or someone stopping them in public as a burden, to me it’s the largest form of flattery, if I’m doing something that brings you value and makes you happy and you want to say thank you, or take a picture because your buddies will think it’s cool, that means the world 🌍 to me.
#gratitude Is the fuel ⛽️ that allows the energy you see.
When you are thankful for what you vs envious of what others have, you will always win. When I see you in Ibiza, on a trip, floating in a swan, popping champagne, I’m thrilled for you, I don’t have Fomo, your life doesn’t have anything to do with my journey, my macro, my mission.
I love you guys, now learn to love yourself!


So much to talk about from The Philippines 🇵🇭 this evening. 72 hours of real intense content and conversations in south east Asia leave me with a lot of context and information to “cook up” and hopefully create better content for you.
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This is it! If you asked me the one thing I see over and over as the trigger to unhappiness or lack of action it’s this.
So many of you aren’t posting more or more creative things here on Instagram because the last time you tried some left a comment in the comments section that made you sad. Literally you aren’t putting in the work or doing the thing you know is right because of some random person hiding behind a user name is in a bad place in their lives and spend their time trying to drag other people down as well? Makes me so sad!
Please get your mindset right, so many of you are missing your life’s calling because of judgement, when someone judges you, that’s on them, not you.
Tag someone that needs this -
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Stop asking for others advice so much, they don’t fully know you and often give tactical advice that’s predicated on them not you.
Stop taking opinions from people who aren’t like you, often they are unable to be empathetic enough to create tangible advice. Understand that life is way more about what you see and understand and the reason so many of you fear doing something new or something that excites you is you value someone’s opinion over your own happiness. JUST FUCKING STOP 🛑- #DoYou


Want the answer? Eat shit, bleed, have an honest painful conversation with someone you love, sell you house and rent for 2 years, get ridiculed for 7 straight years while you’re misunderstood, let your parents think your brother is better than you.
Whatever it takes, get yourself in this spot, if you enjoy your work, you’ve put yourself in a huge huge place, one of the best places!
Strive for happiness!
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