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Was up at 4am again today. Now waiting for the sun.



The conclusion to the Cave Carson Saga. It seems like only yesterday it began with writer Jon Rivera and I embarking on a quest to make the trippiest comic out there. I co-wrote this book in it’s early days but then the team made it their own and ran with it to unbelievable places. It has been a joy and an honor to put this out through Young Animal. You’d be hard pressed to find a weirder book out there, and one that also has a ton of heart like this book does. Please check out this issue if you’ve been following along, and if you missed the first 5, track them down at your local shop. The trade will also be coming shortly.
Giant thanks to everyone on this team, from Jon Rivera writing it, to Michael Avon Oeming handling the line art, to Nick Filardi on colors, Clem Robins on letters, and Molly Mahan editing. An amazing team. Also big thanks to all the creators that produced the back up stories to this book, from the amazing Super Powers by Tom Scioli, to the awesome Wonderful World of Rocks by Mark Russel, Benjamin Dewey, laid out by Paul Rentler, the hilarious Banes Coloring Corner by Brandon Bird, to the wonderful Cave Carson Has An Educational Podcast by Jon Rivera, Paul Maybury on art, and Clem Robins on letters. And lastly, thanks to all of our brilliant variant cover artists.
Lots of love and enjoy,

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Another occupant of the Hotel Oblivion. An old favorite of mine.
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What an utter joy and an honor it has been to be able to share this book with you all through DC’s Young Animal. Such a personal, outstanding body of work in these six issues. An important series by some of the most unique voices making comics. This is the last issue of the series, so if you missed 1-5 you’ll want to track those down at your local shop but this series is 100% worth diving into. If you have been following along, you know what I’m talking about. As I have said once before, I remember getting Mags’ pitch and thinking to myself, “This is the kind of book I want Young Animal to be putting out”. And so we did, and I couldn’t be happier about it. And this 6th issue is the perfect conclusion to the story. Will we see more of Caroline? We’ll see, but I would love to have all of these creators back at the imprint either way.
Big shout out to writer Magdalene Visaggio (@magsvisaggs), artist Sonny Liew @sonny_liew), Chris Chuckry (@chrischuckry) on colors, Todd Klein on letters, and Maggie Howell and Andy Khouri (@andykhouri) as editors. And special thanks to Dan DiDio and Jim Lee for believing in this book. #eternitygirl #dcyounganimal #dccomics


JPTR FX Super Weirdo Glitch Super Fuzz Time Modulation Unit.

Recently picked up this pedal. Very cool. Very weird. I’m still figuring it out.

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Big thanks to Nick Lowe and Marvel Comics for sending me SP//dr from the Edge of Spider-Verse comic I did with @jakewyattriot. Proud parent over here. Final design by the amazingly talented Jake Wyatt. #spdr #marvelcomics #marvel #spiderman #edgeofspiderverse


“This is the never end…this is the change”

Shade The Changing Woman—Issue 6—The Final Issue. ⠀ ⠀
What a journey. What a joy. And what an honor it has been to be able to present to you, the audience, with such an amazing book. I still have vivid and fond memories of sitting down with Cecil Castellucci at the DC offices to talk about Shade and what it could be. It was only the germ of an idea back then, but Cecil took that germ, made it her own, and ran with it into the Madness. “She’s a bird!” Cecil proclaimed. And then I remember seeing Marley Zarcone’s first design for Shade and we were off to the races from there. I remember looking at her drawing and thinking, “This is Shade”, and she continued to astonish me with how far out there she could make the art. And then we reached out to Kelly Fitzpatrick to bring amazing color to this world, and we brought Saida Temofonte into the fold to handle the trippy lettering. And I reached out to my good friend Becky Cloonan and asked her to create the unique and beautiful covers to the series. I couldn’t imagine anyone more perfect to handle the covers. Ande Parks joined the team at one point to help with the inks and his work has been incredible, so much thanks to him. An amazing team and a wild ride. And all along the way, we had brilliant back up stories featuring some of the best and brightest in the business, thanks to every one of them for coming along for the ride. Please check out this last issue of Shade. If you have been following along, it’s the perfect ending to the saga. If you’re just coming in, track down the books at your local shop, and these issues will also be collected in trade format very soon, so keep an eye out for them. Love and Madness to all.

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The Aquabats just launched a Kickstarter to produce more albums and episodes of their brilliant TV show! Go to to learn more, watch an awesome video, and back the project. It’s already gaining quite the momentum. ⠀

Not only do we love the Aquabats at the Way household, but I was fortunate enough to have the honor to co-write an episode of Season 2 and @mikeyway starred in the episode. It was called Anti-Bats and the episode was even nominated for an Emmy. So, the Aquabats and their show have a special place in my heart. And it’s amazing. Very psyched they are teaming up with Jack Black and many other righteous comrades to bring you guys new episodes. Check it out and enjoy!



Mountainking Electronics Megalith Pedal.

I was also super impressed with this one. This is Doug’s pedal, and I believe it is a clone of something else with added improvements. Another one I’m picking up, as it is a must-have. Huge sound.

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Noise Kick FX Laser Cat Fuzz.

This is currently my favorite fuzz pedal, simply for the unique fuzz sound it delivers and the out-of-control Hiss feature. Doesn’t sound like any fuzz I’ve heard before and I like it so much I haven’t messed with the knobs (well I turned the volume knob up for this video) because I want to record with it exactly as it sounded when I first pulled it out of the box. I know I could mark the settings (or just simply remember that all knobs go in the middle) but I’m having too much fun with it as is. Step on the Hiss and get a laser light show and brain-glitching sounds. Brilliant pedal.

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Up at 5 am. Waiting for the sun.


Here’s some fun cosplay of characters that I had a hand in creating. No SDCC for me this year due to deadlines, but with all the Umbrella Academy stuff and the cosplay I’ve been seeing it feels like I was there. And coming in October, my Batman and Joker Black And White Statues. Photos by @mikeyway and @jeremyfranklambert #sdcc #umbrellaacademy