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Lost | Photograph by Jonathan Lee (@jonathanzlee)
“Reverie is a state of being lost in thought. Lost is an appropriate adjective here, 32 meters deep, straight down a hole in the jungle floor. The late morning light sets the hydrogen sulfate cloud at the bottom of the cenote aglow,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Jonathan Lee. “I have been diving these caverns for years, and finally was able to capture their magic. There is a primordial energy here, and diving in them feels like you are lost somewhere between thoughts, between dreams.” This photo was published in our “Adjectives and Adverbs” story. To participate in our current assignments — and for your chance to be featured on @natgeoyourshot — go to the link in our profile.

“I don't know if you meant for this to happen, but the tones in this image remind me of the colors used in the logo for the TV show ‘Lost.’ If you meant for that, excellent work. If not, this is still an awesome image. I just kept thinking wow, the light and colors! I love it! Excellent work, Jonathan.” — @natgeoyourshot Senior Producer Matt Adams (@themattadams)


Video by Ronan Donovan @ronan_donovan | Sound on for this one! Every winter, tens of thousands of snow geese gather at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico during the annual migration from their breeding grounds in the Arctic. Follow @ronan_donovan to see more images and videos from the migration.


Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPplanetearth
Earth Day is just around the corner, so this weekend the challenge is to capture our home planet through your lens. For inspiration, check out the featured image by Patrick Monatsberger (@moners). Here are some tips to get started:
🌏 Explore the world. Climb a mountain — or a majestic tree in your own backyard. Whether big or small, find a landscape that shows what our planet has to offer.
🌍 Meet your neighbors. Keep an eye out for Earth’s inhabitants – human and animal alike. Whether it’s your lifelong fluffy friend or a ladybug you just met.
🌎 Bright mornings, sunsets and night stars. Think of how the time of day and time of year might play a role.
PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPplanetearth hashtag only to photos and videos shared over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. By adding the #WHPplanetearth hashtag, you consent to and grant Instagram all rights to repost your photo or video. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video shared over the weekend with the #WHPplanetearth hashtag is eligible for the project and, if selected, to be featured next week.
Featured photo by @moners


Don’t we just love cherry blossoms in Japan ✨🌸🌸💖💖✨
Pictures by ✨✨@capkaieda✨✨
#wonderful_places for a feature 💖


Con el cambio climático las avalanchas son cada vez más devastadoras 🌎 #PlanetaHostil Nueva serie. Estreno, domingo 21 de abril, 8 PM MEX-COL / 9 PM PE / 10 PM ARG-CHI.


Photo by @max.lowe I Countless stars reflected in glittering brilliance on a lake in SW Montana with canoes moored in the still shallows. As much as I have seen in my travels across the globe, my heart is forever drawn back to my home in Montana but for these moments of silence and solitude.


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Photo by @FransLanting | A blazing sunrise turns wildebeest into elementary shapes as they make their way across the grasslands of Kenya’s Maasai Mara towards one of the river crossings where dramatic congregations occur that attract predators—and people from far away. Follow me @FransLanting and @ChristineEckstrom to see more about the plight of the wildebeest and other wildlife in Africa. @ThePhotoSociety #Migration #Conservation #Wildebeest #Safari #Wildlifephotography

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April Spotlight :Sunrise and sunset
Sunrise and sunset, and circle of life.
Tag @natgeomedia + #sunrise_senset, We' ll post favorites next week.


“(Watch til the end) 😂 Pupper on a mission, exsqueeze me, watch out, coming thru, see ya later, bye 👋🏼” writes @beau_the_rescue_staffy


Faceless man 🐉🖤


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