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New Dance World photo shoot... Always happy to be almost naked for @sophievladar 📸
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Sidelight Photo Studio

◾️#TBT OMOH party back when @pityka wasn't Grandpa Varga 👴🏼😝◾️#OMOH #Human #Technosexuals #Techno

Corvin Club

Is it Monday yet? Said no one ever 🙅🏽‍♂️ #TGIF

Life1 Nyugati Fitness

◾️I'm not ashamed of the things that I dream... I find myself flirting with the verge of obscene.
Into the unknown, I will be bold. I'm going to places I can be out of control. ◾️ 📸 @daniborovi
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Budapest, Hungary

Autumn smiles in Budapest 🍂🐿️

Liberty Bridge

Who wants party when you can have long showers? That's where fun things happen 🛁😉 #FridayNight #Shower #Tired #GoodNight

Király utca

Love leaving every drop of sweat in the dance studio! Dance is my happy place 🕺🏽 📸 Outtake from @akoslibrecz' workshop with @nocommenthiphop!
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Camouflage on to keep it low profile 🦎😄
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Life1 Nyugati Fitness

What do you think I was talking about? 😏

Things you find while trying to free space on your phone 😂 Sooo many people would hate me if they knew the context in which this video was made 🙈😈😁


🎶Into the woods, the time is now, we have to live, I don't care how - and who can tell what's waiting on the journey 🎵
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If only...
📸 @anailogico


Good bye Summer of 2017, you've brought good surprises! 😉 Now I should put some clothes on 😏

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Look! You can find stranded shrimp in Mallorca! 🦐🦐🦐 #Palma #Mallorca #Illetas #Spain #Beach #Travel #Trip #NomadLife


Shooting with the great @anailogico 📸

Barrio Born Barcelona

The one day in ages when I finally get to do this all day! 🐻 🔋


{Fill in the blank} On my next trip I should go to _____________ 🚂🏃🏽 📸 @drazenlovric_
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Keleti pályaudvar

I told you I was just having a holiday from my holiday... Heading back to Barcelona in two weeks! 🇪🇸☀️Summer is not over! 🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️ #TBT

Sitges Playa , Barcelona

Motivation! More to myself as I needed a good reminder of what I can achieve 🔥

The pic on the left is from 2010, long before I even though of grabbing a dumbbell🐜. The one on the right is from April 2017, the best shape I've ever had after 2,5 years working out properly (with the usual ups and downs) but of course, knowing there's still a long way to go 💪. Now, having one of those downs because of a couple of hectic and unfocused months 🤧, I keep telling myself I'm skinny again just because I lost size and definition. I tend to forget what skinny really meant in my body's standards and genetics.

This pic is to stop calling myself skinny! 🙅🏽‍♂️Yes, it is good to assess how far you are from the goal, but that shouldn't overshadow the progress and the pride of what you have achieved.

I'm ready to get back on track and earn those results again. As a 🐵 told me today: "Your weaknesses become your biggest strengths if you take the matter in your hands". 🎼Now get to work b**chh! ⚡️ #TransformationTuesday #bt_transformationtuesday #BioTechUSA #Gym #Muscle #FitFam #Fitspo

Life1 Nyugati Fitness

- Why are you smiling?
- Why wouldn't I?

#TB at @hotelsilvanus

Hotel Silvanus**** Visegrád

My heart might want to stay but my face definitely shows I need a holiday from my holiday 💀 Adiós Barcelona! ❤️
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Platja de la Barceloneta

Last day of #CircuitFestival in Barcelona 🇪🇸! Let's rock out with our cocks out tonight! 😈🕺🏽


What a day! Reposting this pic from last year's Pride in Budapest because, after having the holiday bubble popped by terror and fear, today more than ever I need to remind myself what I stand for: Bravery and Love. "I'd rather die with PRIDE than live in FEAR" is what I wrote on my body as a reply to the Orlando attack last year, but I guess I can only now understand what it represents.

It's hard to believe that a coincidence is what saved me from being at La Rambla today, where the attacks in Barcelona happened. It has been a very touching situation but not more than receiving all the love from friends and family who sent their messages to see if I was okay.
Fortunately, I was not very close to La Rambla and, besides the fear that comes along in a situation like this, I'm fine. I'm safe.

Tomorrow is a new day for my favorite city in the world! Let's wake up thankful for another morning, another day to love, another opportunity to brighten someone's day by putting a smile on their face ❤️ Much love to all! And thank you once again for caring so much! Y a por todo, #Barcelona! 🇪🇸

i ♥️ Barcelona