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Stranded whales are seen as people are gathered at Ujong Kareung Beach in Aceh, Indonesia. Aceh rescue crews and members of environmental NGO's are trying to save the nine stranded whales by pushing them back into ocean. | 📷: Junaidi Hanafiah/Anadolu Agency | November 13, 2017 | #GettyImagesNews


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Patterns of ice and blue ice are seen from NASA's Operation IceBridge research aircraft, in the Antarctic Peninsula region. | 📷:@mario_tama | October 31, 2017 | #GettyImagesNews


Rise and shine! Autumn reflections at the Arch Bridge in Kromlau, Germany. | 📷: @GettyImagesCreative


Follow @GettyFlashback for more classics like this photo of Marilyn Monroe boarding the plane at Idlewild Airport (now John F. Kennedy airport) in 1956.| 📷: Bettman #GettyFlashback


A 1940’s view of the Manhattan skyline over the Goldwater Memorial Hospital on the southern tip of Roosevelt Island (formerly called Welfare Island).The Empire State Building and Chrysler Building are visible at center.| 📷: FPG/Getty Images #GettyFlashback. Follow @GettyFlashback for more historical photos.


Introducing an incredible body of work from JFK’s personal photographer, Jacques Lowe. Follow ➡️ @GettyFlashback for more stories behind important moments from history. | 📷: Jacques Lowe/The Jacques Lowe Estate/Getty Images
With unprecedented access, Lowe’s photographs of Kennedy cover crucial and unguarded moments from his election campaign and presidency, of life inside the Oval Office and with his family. These historic documents are all the more remarkable for their survival. Lowe’s archive was destroyed when the Twin Towers fell on 9/11. These images were salvaged from a bank of contact sheets discovered elsewhere and expertly restored.


Peek-a-boo! Follow our story ⬆️ for more incredible imagery from the animal kingdom. #WildlifeWednesday
A red eyed tree frog peeks between a wet rainforest leaf. | 📷: David Tipling


Cheer up - it's #WildlifeWednesday! Follow our ⬆️ story to check out some of the most incredible imagery from the animal kingdom.
A Balinese long tailed macaque monkey watches over her baby. | 📷: Jodi Jacobson


It's #WildlifeWednesday! Click the link in our ⬆️ bio to check out some of the most incredible imagery from the animal kingdom.
A group of four white horses in the Camargue region of France gallop through the water as a storm brews behind them. | 📷: Barb Anna

Camargue Paradise

Explore some of the most stunning places from around the world. #TravelTuesday
Beautiful purple lupines bloom alongside Lake Tekapo in New Zealand. | 📷: @GettyImagesCreative

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Explore the most stunning places from around the world. #TravelTuesday
An underwater shot of golden jellyfish in lake Palau. | 📷:@GettyImagesCreative


Explore some of the most stunning places from around the world. #TravelTuesday
Fifty shades of green from above a terraced rice field in Sapa, Vietnam. | 📷: @GettyImagesCreative


Balance is key. #MondayMotivation
A highline walker silhouetted against a patchy sky in Joshua Tree National Park. | 📷: @GettyImagesCreative

Joshua Tree National Park

Take time for self-reflection. #MondayMotivation
A group of curious dairy cows gather near the water's edge in the autumn morning light. | 📷:@GettyImagesCreative


Keep looking up! #MondayMotivation
Trees pop with colors of fall during the autumn season at the historic Silk road in Bayburt, Turkey. | 📷:Abdulkadir Nisanci | November 9, 2017 | #GettyImagesNews


The glamour and glitter has started at the #MTVEMA awards in London with @camila_cabello kicking things off in the #gettyentertainment studio @mtvema
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The full Hunter's Moon also referred to as a Beaver Moon rises behind lower Manhattan and One World Trade Center s en earlier this week from Green Brook Township, New Jersey. | November 4, 2017 | 📷: @garyhershorn #GettyImagesNews


Beautiful Autumn colours seen from the air at Fukuroda Falls in Daigo, Ibaraki, Japan. | November 6, 2017 |📷: The Asahi Shimbun #GettyImagesNews


“This image of British big wave surfer Andrew Cotton by Octavio Passos came into our inbox while I was on shift and instantly caught my eye.
I am not a lover of the sea and this image terrified me and rightly so as it turns out this image was taken moments before this big wave came crushing down on him. This image suddenly became a news story as the surfer broke his back in the wipeout. Good news is he is recovering in hospital and reportedly said “he was desperate to get back to surfing” – John Keeble | London Picture Desk | #EditorsChoice


On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. #armisticeday #WW1
Wild poppies on the verge of a Flanders field near Tyne Cot Military Cemetery in 2014. 📷: @christopherfurlong #GettyImagesNews


A Scottish red deer stag grazes in Glen Etive following the end of the rutting season in Scotland. The rutting season sees the large dominant red deer stags compete against each other for mating rights and can be heard roaring and bellowing in an attempt to attract the hinds. The rut draws to a close in early November when the stags spend the winter feeding to regain strength for the following season. | November 6, 2017 | 📷: @mitchelljeff #GettyImagesNews


On this day in 1970, the Great Wall of China opened for tourism giving visitors a first-hand look at one of the Seven Wonders of the Medieval World.
📷: Chinese workers shovel the steps after a snowfall on the Great Wall in Mutianyu outside of Beijing, China.| February 22, 2017 | @kevinfrayer #GettyImagesNews


People walk amongst rubble from destroyed buildings in an outer neighborhood of the Old City in West Mosul, Iraq. Five months after Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city was liberated from ISIL in a nine-month long battle, residents have returned to the destroyed city to rebuild their lives. After more than two years of ISIL occupation, savage fighting, airstrikes and as ISIL fighters retreated they intentionally destroyed remaining key infrastructure such as bridges, government buildings, water and sewage facilities and neighborhoods laced with booby traps and homemade bombs leaving the city in ruins. Despite the damage residents have hastily returned and managed to setup temporary shops, homes and services to help bring the city back to life. In West Mosul, home to the Old City, more than 32,000 homes were destroyed and a recent report from the U.N. estimates repairing Mosul's basic infrastructure will cost more than $1 billion and take years to complete.| November 6, 2017 | @cmcgrath_photo #GettyImagesNews


On the set of The Outsiders with actors Tom Cruise and Emilio Estevez. The film was directed and produced by Francis Ford Coppola and released in 1983. Follow @gettyflashback for more moments in history.📷: Nancy Moran/Sygma #gettyflashback


This photo was taken during Robert Falcon Scott's Terra Nova Expedition to the Antarctic, 1st April 1911 of Thomas Clissold, the expedition cook with an Emperor penguin. 📷: Herbert Ponting/Scott Polar Research Institute #GettyFlashback


Supporting troops of the 1st Australian Division walking on a duckboard track near Hooge, in the Ypres Sector during World War One. They formed a silhouette against the sky as they passed towards the front line to relieve their comrades, whose attack the day before won Broodseinde Ridge and deepened the Australian advance. | 5th October 1917 | 📷: Frank Hurley/Hulton Archive #GettyFlashback.
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Follow @gettyflashback for more moments like this one of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington State in 1940. The bridge earned the nickname ‘Galloping Gertie’ as it twisted and buckled in high winds. It opened to traffic in July 1940 and collapsed just four months later in November. 📽️: Hearst Digital /Getty Images 🔄 @gettyFlashback


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A Japanese snow monkey warms up in the hot springs of Japan. | 📷: @GettyImagesCreative | #GettyWild


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A polar bear catches its breath during an icy swim. | 📷: Jonathan Filsk Photography | #GettyWild


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