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A custom #ggarmament SRXL Red Edition. Do you like our color accent guns? If so, which other colors would you like to see from us? Comment 👇 #whenaccuracymatters


The limited edition #ggarmament ARP 9 Black Orchid spotted at @airsoftevike OP: Bad Blood. #whenaccuracymatters


We're at @emreventpark this weekend for @airsoftevike Op Bad Blood. Swing by the #ggarmament booth to see the upcoming GPM1911 pistol. #whenaccuracymatters


If you receive a #ggarmament rifle for a graduation gift, remember to scratch our gun tag and register the serial number for a chance to win a free rifle every month up to a year in our Lucky Draw. #whenaccuracymatters


Introducing the newest heavyweight in our BB arsenal. The bio🍃 .32g BB comes in our easy to pour bottle for easy usage and provides the finest quality heavy weight BB's for snipers and support gunners alike in a 2,700 bottles at an affordable price. #whenaccuracymatters


This past weekend we held our 2018 Taiwan Cup and introduced the first Women's division. We're also going to open it up again for the 2019 CQB World Cup. Tag your partner to let them know its time to train! 👇 #whenaccuracymatters


We're at @oplionclaws operation X this weekend. Check out our GPM92 which has our patent pending whirl cylinder valve and gas filter system. #whenaccuracymatters


The new MBR 308 Series come with a 90 degree competition style selector lever for quicker engagement. #whenaccuracymatters 📸@airsoft_obsessed_dave


Looking for a DMR? We offer the M14 EBR in both long and short barrels. Comes in 3 different colors, bronze, silver and black. #whenaccuracymatters
📸 @erginoyun


Did you know every brand new #ggarmament gun comes with a gun tag that comes with a scratch off code? When you register it on our website, you automatically get put into a monthly lucky draw to win a free rifle. Valid for 12 months after registration. 📸@planetairsoft


Now available, the TR16 MBR 308SR comes with a rotary hop up and it's wired to deans (U.S. Market Only) #whenaccuracymatters 📸 @airsoftevike


Ready for Day 2 of @americanmilsim Broken Home 7 with his #ggarmament @mechanix_wear gloves.