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Manage-focus-avoid-limit... life well. What’s your advice for living life well?? ⬇️comment below


The Willingness and sincere determination is a more powerful force than an evaluation of your IQ ability. 🗣️what do you think?


Be willing to walk alone. Many who start with you will not finish with you - 🗣️do you feel this?


Emotions are not just a nice thing to obtain, they are indications of our vibratory state. Our body works at its optimum in a high vibratory state. Our interaction with the laws of the universe yields better result. So, start raising your happiness default level - starting from today 🌈 what do you think?


We all have stories, (I would but..I should, I might if ..., life always does this to me, it's not my fault... I can't help it..etc etc). whether our stories best support our growth and realise our full potential, is a completely different issue. In short, Our stories need to be shorter, more inspiring and increasingly more empowering. ⬇️what do you think?


Teachers and coaches provide sign posts that lead you to your greatness. ⬇️do you agree?


Knowing that we are worthy and we're good enough is one of the most important life foundations. Believe me ... You Got This!!! ⬇️what do you think?


When undesirable things happen to me, a couple of things comfort me, there is a lesson in it somewhere and Everything eventually passes⬇️ comment bellow


The no1. Lesson I've learned in life... Love myself. What about you? ⬇️let me know your no1 lesson learnt


When you get to truly know yourself, everything falls into place....⬇️love hearing your thoughts below


"Time moves in one direction, memory in another." William Gibson