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Praise is an expression of appreciation, and whatever you appreciates, appreciates in quantity in your life. So start praising and celebrating the things you want to see multiply. ⬇️comment below⬇️


Make a every second count, life is sooooo precious


Sometimes luck isn't what it seems⬇️comment below


Respect finds results irresistibly attractive. Get results and you'll have respect knocking on the door.



Success is much easier when you see failure as part of the process. ⬇️comment below⬇️


-Living from your heart space Isn't always easy. In fact, from our very conception in this world, navigating through the school system and thereafter in the big wide economic world, we are taught and encouraged to think from anywhere but our hearts. Logic, reason and axiomatic thinking is king in these forums. However, when we realize that real wisdom is found from deep within, we start to appreciate our hearts and what it attempts to whisper to us. Some of the great scriptures of old talk about the wisdom that dwells within the heart in many different ways. One states... let your peace be your umpire. This peace comes from hearing the silence, the harmony, the feeling that is like no other, it directs, corrects and instructs. Start listening to your heart, the home of innate wisdom.
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The strength required to withstand the pressure of life are born out of our interaction with life. As our strength increases the more pressure we can resist, stand against, walk through, whilst smiling. ⬇️comment below⬇️


Don't under estimate the vast and sometimes, less than obvious opportunities we have available to us, to arrange things systematically, in order that we can do much more within a given amount of time, whilst being energy efficient. ⬇️comment below⬇️


With every coaching session I give, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction, a warmth inside as though I've authentically shared a part of myself. It's a beautiful learning experience for both myself and my client, a continuous step towards my greatest version. ⬇️comment below⬇️


Success is a state of mind. If you think you are, you are. You set the criteria, you say if it has been met. Keep life simple and leave the complicated to others. ⬇️comment below⬇️