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The moment that changed everything. Hit us up below to let us know how you felt about Wednesday's episode. #GiantsTheSeries #NothingWillBeTheSame


Go inside episode 5 with #GiantstheSeries actors @MsKelseyScott and @crystalleebrown and creator @jrbland on #GiantsRevealed. Tell us your most memorable moment from the episode below.


Congratulations to #GiantstheSeries creator/actor @jrbland and actress/writer @vdotkelly on their Outstanding Lead Actor and Actress in a Digital @daytimeemmys Drama Series nominations!


It's Giants Day! Episode 205 "Dirty Thirty" directed by @you_askd and written by @jaugustrichards is available! Watch now! Link in bio. #GiantstheSeries #Nothingwillbethesame


Smile because episode 5 drops tomorrow! #GiantstheSeries #InternationalHappinessDay


What's that you say? Episode 5 drops Wednesday? Catch up now! Link in bio. #GiantstheSeries #NothingWillBeTheSame


Do you believe in soulmates? Watch the #GiantstheSeries team discuss and let us know what you think below. Watch full video on #soulmates


ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: The beautiful painting that hangs in Ade’s living room is a piece by @yoyolander titled “Uncomfortable”. YoYo Lander is an autodidactic painter living and working in Los Angeles, CA. YoYo’s work explores unconventional color palettes, bold color contrasts, and womanhood. Her subjects are comprised of an arrangement of brown color harmonies, placed on backgrounds of both subtle and loud color blocks. Yoyo creates her interpretations using personal photographs and stories from indigenous women as her inspiration. The figurative artwork enjoins a conversation between itself and it’s audience regarding joy, identity, sisterhood and community. You can buy prints of YoYo’s work including the piece on Ade’s wall at #blackart


One of the realest lines from episode 4. Catch up now! Link in bio. #GiantstheSeries #HappySunday


Add #GiantsTheSeries to your #StPatricksDay moves this weekend! Catch up on episode 204 today! Link in bio.


Let's talk about love and relationships. Do millennials get a bad rap? Sound off below! #GiantsTheSeries #Blacklove