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“The first day we met, we spent the
whole day together. Yogurt Heaven. I thought he was... Then about a month in, he starts talking about girls and I... I told myself, “keep it cool Ade. You’re barking up the wrong tree.” And every time I’m almost over it, he gives me something... Some little thing to hang my feelings on. A crumb... I can’t move on until I know.” - Ade


Some #mondaymotivation for all the creatives out there. “If you put something in your mind and continue to move towards it it will eventually happen.” - #willcatlett


A father is neither an anchor to hold us back, or a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way. #happyfathersday to all the great dads out there. ❤️ #giantstheseries


How our dad’s be looking at us when we come asking for money. 🤣🤑 Tag your dad if he on the gram. #giantstheseries


Look... it’s a Phaedra, NeNe and Kandi 🤣🤣 #giantstheseries


The face you make when you really over it but you’re agreed to dinner for the free meal. #giantstheseries


We love seeing our #giantstheseries family win! @willcatlett new show @loveisown premieres June 19 on @owntv!


“All you need is a dream and a plan of action...” Some #MondayMotivation from life strategist Sadiyah Siobhan. #giantstheseries


Issa Rae Presents is producing a master class on building a web series with Giants creator @jrbland. If you have questions about the creative process behind Giants, submit them via video by Monday, 6/11 to #creatingagiant #giantstheseries


In all communities, we have to do a better job of identifying #mentalillness when we see them in each other and we have to really listen when our friends and family who are experiencing it are reaching out and crying for help. #mentalhealth #silencetheshame


Somebody said it was #twerkthursday... is that a thing? Well, here’s a little twerk break for your day. Enjoy.


Some years back, CNN anchor #DonLemon caught fire for saying that being a black, gay male is the worst thing to be in the African-American community. This statement angered many African-American women as well as those that do not believe that homophobia is more prevalent with the African-American community. What are your thoughts? Let’s discuss 👇🏾


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