"You awaken to where you are, not where you think you should be."
~ Deborah Hall, Conscious Whole Being Integration


"To me, every hour of the light and dark is a miracle."
~ Whitman


"Alone in a stand of trees I could feel a vibrant presence that felt like an answer bigger than any question I knew how to ask."
~ Rolf Gates, Meditations on Intention and Being

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Some morning coffee views are good; others are better.

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Tried for two days now to caption this beautifully, but fuck it. Here's some Jacky K.: "One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple."
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I'm pretty excited to be spending my first summer ever on the #florida mainland, taking my practice onto the still, warm water! Here's what I've got for you:
For those of you already teaching who want to expand your practice or profession by taking it to sea, I've teamed up with Ira Ohm from @zendenyogaschool to create @zenmocean , which offers #supyoga #teachertraining via 2-day, fun and sun-filled workshops! Dates available in July, Aug., and Sept. for more info or to book.
@whalebackpaddleboards has teamed up with @saltwaterbrewery to bring you both land and SUP yoga options, taught by yours truly, complete with an ice cold #localbeer to cool you off after class! SUP yoga every Tues. at 6pm beginning June 26 and #lakeside park yoga every Sun. at 9am beginning July 1, both at #lakeida in #delraybeach . for more info or to book.
As always, I'm also available for private or semi-private classes, SUP or land. DM me for more info.


"It is simple to find out what you're committed to -- just look at the results you're creating... Many of you are gripped by the loony idea that your intentions are different from the results you create. It simplifies life enormously the moment you accept that the results you create are your unconscious intentions made manifest."
~ Gay Hendricks, A Year of Living Consciously

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