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And it comes the hardest time for me to be in London. I don’t mind too much grey days in winter time, but in spring my body calls for sun and warm temperatures. Oh London, you have many pretty flowers around, but your gloomy sky is just depressing now.


You can tell Romans were here, also by the numbers of columns you can find in Bath’s architecture. Which makes me feel more at ‘home’ and also makes this town very photogenic in my opinion. What do you think, do you agree? •


I’ve always asked myself why in a country where sun doesn’t shine that often, they decided to build most of the buildings with dark red bricks. I like London’s architecture - don’t get me wrong, but guys, you really didn’t think that through! Look at Bath: everything here is built with this lovely honey coloured limestone, making this place looks brighter even on gloomy days. I say this is smart, bravo Bath.


Memo to myself: sun exists in London as well, I just need to wait for it - for how long though?! 😩


For your information in London it’s still snowing and I basically stayed inside the whole weekend. So this is a shot from the last time it snowed and I woke up to the most beautiful light, the city covered in a thick layer of white snow, a beautiful frozen canal and a Matisse kind of sky.


This morning was snowing in London, quite heavily at some point. Seems like winter doesn’t want to leave!


Do you love more mountains when you are up there, admiring the beautiful view underneath you or the profiles you can see by looked at them from below? I’m really torn at the moment, please ask me tomorrow 😂



This morning I woke up to find a thick layer of snow covering everything and a beautiful warm light. Yes, I’ve said I’m ready for spring, but there’s nothing making me feel instantly happy like snow ❄️

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Yes, it has been icy cold lately and I’m kind of ready for spring now. But do we want to talk about the glorious pink skies this winter has been gifting us?!

Last week of the #colorcolourlovers project, this week playing with #colorcolourpink
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Today I’ve been experiencing the craziest weather I can recall since I move to London: snow, sun, snow with sun, snow again and sun again - in loop! Check my Stories to see more! I can’t divert my attention from the window today, so I guess is going to be a very productive day! 🙈

Belated entry to the #colorcolourlovers for the #colorcolourgreen


The day started with a lovely soft pink sky, but now clouds are back and the sky turned grey again. At my mum’s place in Italy it’s snowing right now, while the forecast for the weekend in London says sunny, but very cold. I guess I’m becoming “more British” each day I’m here, I’m talking about weather all the time! 😅🙈

Still playing with the #colorcolourlovers project, this week with #colorcolourgreen


Falling in love of this place all over again. Even in winter. Even with grey sky. So happy I chose you @masseriapotenti 💚

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