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Denie Shae Martinez

She always said- “this too shall pass”. 12 years have passed since I’ve touched her skin and yes...she was right....the raw overwhelming grief and loss I felt on 8-7-2007 has passed.
Meet my Mother, Alisa. She was a private women, she would be giving me that slight disapproving look just talking about her here- oh the Mom look... Brilliant intellect that at times would shadow the softer sides of her. She loved children, animals and language- head in a book or a journal- she read me stories at bed time by candlelight. My Mother wanted to be a teacher or writer- instead she poured her fire into her career- an aerospace mechanical engineer.
Many of the lessons she taught me have reflected back to me even more strongly in the last 12 years and I know will continue....just as our love for each other continues. Just because I can’t rest my head on the top of hers (she was a shorty) in a warm embrace doesn’t mean I don’t feel her and see her.
It is easier to speak to her and about her.
I smile 12 years later when I see this capture of her- Big, beautiful heart.

This big beautiful heart showed me the way- the hell and heaven in healing, to live my own life, to pour my fire into what my heart deeply desires.
It starts with sharing- sharing these experiences and feelings with others. To remember we are not alone in the worst or best of times and that “this too shall pass”. #givingtreeessentials #love #mother #teacher #lifelessons #thistooshallpass #notadaygoesby #feelingyou


Denie Shae Martinez

✨August and September Schedule ✨

I am grateful for some time for hosting the first @sacred_earth_retreats retreat in Oceanside @missionslr , family vacation, and 2 asai omg opportunities @irestmeditation
Although the schedule is light these two months I will be filling up with inspiration and love to share on my return.
I do have a few sub classes @youandthemat and @vexyoga so drop in for class, I’d love to have you.
If you are wanting more regular @irestmeditation #yoganidra #meditation I am offering a 4 week series @youandthemat come October. For more details DM- more to come on this.

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Denie Shae Martinez


I never intended to make new friends when participating in a retreat.
Sure, I knew there would be other people there with me but I never had my heart set on making new friends.

A room full of mostly strangers, committing to sharing the next 1, 2, 5, 10 days together, it can be a unique experience.
My nature is to rest back and quietly observe. I find connecting with a few people deeply rather than everyone minimally was my preference.

With large invitations into #silence I was able to do this rather well…until…. #gazing practice.
The gazing practice was an invitation to sit across from and gaze into the eyes of a total stranger- #being meeting #being .

The preference and protection of “none shall pass” fell away and tears poured out of me.

We are all friends.

On a global level I felt part of a community like never before. Knowing many of us would not communicate after retreat, and that was ok, we said all that we needed to with the eyes of our hearts.

Yet- there is an intimate group of women, deep #friendship I have maintained and continued to feed with love and kindness even after retreat.
Those friendships that feel #timeless were once new. We have laughed, cried, playout out our dramas, painted, ate, practiced, meditated and even planned a #retreat together.

Let yourself be open to seeing the friends that are seeing you. To be connected is a core need for all of us- let yourself rest in the eyes of a new friend- you never know what new delight might be stirring.

Just a few spaces left #sacredearthretreats #oceanside @missionslr
August 1-5
2 night and 4 night options available.

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Denie Shae Martinez

SOUL Full 📷 @alexgreycosm is exactly what is feels like to be alive after #retreat
Soul is full.

All the energy that becomes disorganized can settle back home into the heart. A divine intelligence illuminates from the heart to all aspects of our Being- our vibrant body vehicle, life sustaining breath, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, capacity for Joy... In a way it feels like I am a superhero on reentry. Like I have uncovered this secret deep within me and I now know and can see it is you.
As you slowly make your way back home, transitioning from the slow, smooth, loving environment- it can sometimes be hard. This might not be true for everyone, I can only speak from my experience @givingtreeessentials and common shares I've heard from other retreat friends @the_radiant_table upon reentry. The rapid pace of your life that was once tolerated might need to change, new communication styles with partners and family, how you meet the world all might look slightly different.
The one thing I know for certain is however hard, and however long it takes for the shine to slightly tarnish, the experience of retreat to remember this truth is ALWAYS worth it. The bright, luminous, full heart that wants to be lived- that navigates my responses, my actions, my thoughts is the most tender living I have known and is the only way I want to live.
Whether retreat makes you feel replenished, recharged, stilled, or color dipped- give yourself permission to remember this heart centered living, experience it, invite it in on the breath to saturate the whole of the body.
Few spaces left #sacredearthretreats #oceanside @missionslr
August 1-5 (2 night and 4 night options)

More to come on why we #loveretreat
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Denie Shae Martinez

Take a pause for a soothing elemental inspired meditation and sound experience with myself and this talented lady @empoweredheartwellness from 3-5pm this Saturday @youandthemat
Last day for early bird 🐦 pricing!

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Denie Shae Martinez

Thank you @the_radiant_table for capturing my words so beautifully about retreat and personal practice.

#Repost @sacred_earth_retreats 🌿Y O G A N I D R A 🌿

This is what it looks like. We invite you to imagine what it feels like to rest deeply and enter this dreamscape multiple times a day. 🌿

@sacred_earth_retreats founder @givingtreeessentials had this to say about her experience of multiple #yoganidra practices a day at the recent #internationalyoganidraconference: 🌿 “There was a lot more tenderness available to me. I was more able to go into sweet, loving action in my waking relationship life.” 🌿

Mmmm ... so there’s that. Here’s what our OCEANSIDE, CA retreat AUGUST 1-5 promises:
Multiple opportunities to rest deeply with #irestyoganidrameditation ... 🌿

Workshops that invite a deeper than ever felt experience of #embodiment - being here, being alive, being allowed, being real. 🌿

Movement experiences that invite the head, the heart and the body into union, belonging to each other in the intimate way that they do. 🌿

And not to be overlooked ... time daily to explore the gardens of @missionsanluisrey and soak up the sunshine and beaches of #oceansidecalifornia. 🌿

Can I just say that when it comes to you being #athomeinyourbody we are not joking around. Nothing is more important to you having your uniquely beautiful human experience. 🌿

Registration still open!
Follow link in profile 🌿

Love, Denie Shae and Rachelle

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Denie Shae Martinez

Summer sun and heat and yoga 🌈
Regular schedule and 2 sub opportunities. Try out Deep Rest @betterlivingyoga July 28 and Mesitstion and Aromatherapy @ekamyoga July 21st.
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Denie Shae Martinez



As we enter the world each day, arising from slumber we become conditioned to a speed in which we navigate our life.

Mine was running, running, running. It was not always difficult, at times it was inspiring and I did valuable and exciting things. Still, often in the deep blue of night I could feel a nostalgia to return to a restful state beyond what any sleep could give.
Through a series of events I landed at my first retreat with @irestrichardmiller and @irestmeditation
My idea of retreat prior to this experience was vacation- where there was still much to do, decisions to make and often with loved ones and friends.
Retreat was unbearable the first night- my mind was R U N N I N G. After hours of agitation, I felt the minds worries and fears begin to settle....faint whispers. Finally a deep rest came over me and then I was out completely.
I went on to certification process and another retreat. A few years after, a 18 day Panchakarma in South India which deeply settled my nervous system to a new base line. Last year at the same Panchakarma center I enjoyed a 7 day Rejuvenation Retreat, with my brave husband.
I felt a deep rest I had been longing for for 20 years through retreat. I was able to meet and welcome home many memories and parts of me I denied and resisted. In all honesty, to be cared for, fed and nourished by the practitioners and therapist is good medicine. For most of us the last time we received that much care was in womb.
It is extra special for me to come back to the Mission to offer the first Sacred Earth Retreats with @the_radiant_table
August 1-5
2 night or 4 night option.
One week left for early bird registration.
DM for more information on pricing and lodging information.
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Denie Shae Martinez

You are so calm.
I hear this comment on a somewhat regularly basis.

I always give a small smile and maybe a thank you in response.
What I want to say and express so often is- calm has not been my experience from the inside most of my life. For the first 27 years of my life I felt I was in survival mode- something I didn’t realize was taking a toll on my nervous system. I knew there was more to the human experience than this feeling of “just getting by”. What does it take to thrive after being in survival mode for so long? no particular order this is my exploration, my journey in remembering the deepest truth of who I am.

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy
iRest Yoga Nidra and post lineage Yoga Nidra
Music and Singing
Intuitive Movement and Dance
Physical Therapy
Massage and Body Work Therapies
Guided Visualization
Pranic Healing
Past Life Regression
Food as Medicine
Mantra, Mudras, Marmani
Earthing and Nature Bathing
Being with my Dogs
Being with my Husband
Being with Myself

There is no one formula to fit all. The shift of survive to thrive will be as unique as your suffering so be kind and give yourself time.

Give yourself permission you asked for help. Many of the practices and healings stated above were done in groups or with gifted practitioners. Many of them were also done alone, or in groups that were held in silence.

There may be a BIG AH HA moment or it might be a subtle recognition of “hmmmm something feels different yet familiar”. Like coming home after a LONG journey away.

You will know when you’ve settled home to yourself.

Remain patience, keep practicing and you will persevere.

Always with love Denie Shae.

Grateful for my retreat sister Rachelle @the_radiant_table for inviting me to remember and recall why retreat is soooooo nourishing- more on that next time 😘 📷 @lightsoutnights11
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Denie Shae Martinez

#Repost @sacred_earth_retreats
We have a gift for you! ☀️ On this beautiful day of light, the longest day of the year, the sun’s zenith in the northern hemisphere, we are celebrating with a gift of $50 off our August retreat for you! ☀️ It’s for today only ... and can be applied to either the 4 night or 2 night option AND includes our early bird pricing! Simply reach out today and the gift is yours. ☀️ May you find some ways of your own to celebrate and delight in this first day of summer, a day of fullness and activity! ☀️ Marking the turning of the seasons is an ages-old practice that has kept humans connected to each other and to the earth that sustains us. Consciously marking the passage of time keeps us connected to what’s most important in this brief, brilliant lives of ours. ☀️ What are you doing today? ☀️ Much love, Denie Shae and Rachelle



Denie Shae Martinez

#Repost @sacred_earth_retreats with @get_repost
This is the sunset view on the Southern California coast just minutes from our upcoming retreat location in Oceanside, CA! 💧

We’ve made a few changes to make the retreat more accessible and those include:
• new dates! NOW August 1-5, 2019
• 4 night and 2 night options
• Summer Solstice SALE! Stay tuned for a one day discount tomorrow only! 🌞

Every week @givingtreeessentials and I spend an hour together on FaceTime, sharing our latest inspirations for the retreat, problem solving, and working out the details of bringing you a truly beautiful, embodied, experiential getaway. ✨

Here’s a peek into what we have planned:
• daily gentle movement • daily iRest® Yoga Nidra meditation
• daily Ayurvedic and somatic workshops for embodiment
• practices for experiencing the body in Nature
• daily solo time for reflection, napping, or escapes to the beach! 🌊

If you’d like more information, please follow the link in our profile and shout “Summer Solstice!” ☀️ More to come .... Love, Rachelle @the_radiant_table and Denie Shae @givingtreeessentials 🌲



Denie Shae Martinez

Join me Saturday June 15th from 2-4pm to explore the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.
During this contemplative practice you will learn basic care, cautions and modes of application, a period to sample a range of flowers, citrus, trees, grass, roots and resins (these precious friends come from @originalswissaromatics ) to create a custom spray blend to take home.
RSVP @shaantiyogastudio
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