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OGUN STATE πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ#TheKingDonCome

GLABERIMA @Segnif_McAnison (Twitter) makes quality and delicious meals making your 3weeks in NYSC camp a wonderful experience.

Please Call 08034092653
I.G @glaberima.
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In a land of poor food preparation,where food poisoning is on the fast lane;there came a boy named GLABERIMA @Segnif_McAnison(twitter) with quality and delicious meals making your 3weeks in camp a wonderful experience.

Please Call 08034092653
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Shout out to my homie,one of my top client @mr_hyenana for your show of love and support to @glaberima brand from this cradle stage till we will hit platinum.
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University Of Lagos

I'm your ketchupπŸ•,your sauce 🍲,your wine 🍸...make me the spice🍝 of your life . #Glaberima #Foodporn #healthyfood #lbs #sunday #entrepreneur


@Regranned from @thethorlannie - Unilag student that hasn't eaten @glaberima spaghetti (Your most preferred stop&chau spot), is that one a Unilag student?

Just look at how they make that delicious meal known as Glaberima pasta 😍
Ofada rice,vegetable yam pottage Glab rice and amala also readily available(made on spot)

Chai, I'm hungry o

It's a honour to have you here for now coz we know you getting bigger to Africa and the world.
Your brand is unique and grace be with you as you grow into that 7star hotel.

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Lagos State

@Regrann from @smoothieplanetng - Hello insta fam. Hope your weekend is going well?
@smoothieplanetng will be opening on Oct 1st 2017 πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
Pls stop by and check out our healthy but tasty menu.
Watch out for our specialty meals - #regrann


You have to keep on striving for EXCELLENCE.Mediocrity is unhealthy for the soul. It reduces quality of life.


@Regrann from @toyinedun - I will be showcasing the opportunities in Africa to Canadian investors at the DOZ conference in Toronto Canada on Friday,18th August 2017. .. - #regrann

Lagos State

Haste is no progress;Faith it till you make it!!!

Lagos Business School

Adult live on experience,children live on ignorance >>>Ignorance is bliss!

Lagos Business School

@supermartng ,we @glaberima believe #FoodIsALifestyle and style is your definition without speaking a word.

Our #RainbowPasta,filled with essential nutrients and vitamins takes you a step closer home as we believe good food equates good mood!!! #supermartNG


GLABERIMA,to serve its clients and customers better,had to enrol in Lagos Business School and it has been an awesome experience which I don't wish to end.
@enterprisedevelopmentcentre #FoodIsALifestyle
Learning is fun,serene ambience and practical teaching methods where exam is not seen as the ultimate but a platform to express your thoughts through case studies.

#CEM40 rocks,network of life and relationship so mutual.

#reward4dhustle2 @premiumpensionltd

University Of Lagos

Let's stop the beats of dirge and epitaph rather let's dance to the ballads of festivals, celebrations,carnival and ecstasy of culture.

I am #MadeOfBlack #madeofhonor
Africa my Africa,
GLABERIMA ..Selling African cuisines to the World!!!


Thanks @theweaversmagazine for sharing the Glaberima journey story on the May edition of the magazine.

The story still continues...join in by helping me out with a sum of N15million naira with a return on investment of N407million naira in 1 year.
Let's make Nigeria great again,together.

FORBES is the goal! No1.

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University Of Lagos

The other day @taxify.ng with Mr Uche & his team of young vibrant creative individuals.

@taxify.ng et @glaberima...Watch this space!


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University Of Lagos


Apparently the pasta picture won me the competition alongside my story

Had to hurriedly pay homage before boarding.
#Reward4dHustle2 @premiumpensionltd
@smc_pau Pan Atlantic University...Next stop

Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport

Caption by @gift_holdings (Day1 Buddy)

ON one of the most populated campus in Nigeria, Segun saw an opportunity to strategically revitalize the locally brewed traditional OFADA RICE. Being a man of his roots, he had the first hand knowledge that Ofada Rice was more than just any other rice but a rice with so much nutritional benefit that everyone including his resilient 'Akokites' fellow University of Lagos Students had to taste.
All he had is what we call in this part of the World: GRACE. His mum has always been his greatest source of encouragement and also few friends who dug it out with him when the going wasn't so rosy.
Today Segun stands tall in a very competitive market. WHAT is SO SPECIAL ABOUT SELLING FOOD? Literally nothing. But what is special about GLABERIMA CUISINE is that it sells FRIENDSHIP, LOVE, WARMTH, it sells the #NIGERIADREAM of starting small and pressing hard to greatness. Today Segun's network and customer base cuts across the different ethnic tribes in Nigeria because when it comes to being true to oneself we all speak one language: PASSION.

Styled by @premium_ohyeharry
Photo credit @iamsambalee

Nicon Luxury Hotel, Abuja


Presentation and award ceremony for the grand prize winners going down soon.

Pension plan is good for me and you,dm me for me to tell you more

Central area Abuja

#Repost from @premiumpensionltd with @regram.app ... We are so pleased to announce the GRAND PRIZE WINNER of our #Reward4dHustle2 competition - @glaberima. Anifowose Segun Johnson is a graduate of English from University of Lagos. He is the CEO of Glaberima Cuisine in Lagos. Segun Johnson will participate in a Management Course at SMC, Pan-Atlantic University with International Travel. He will also receive a N50,000 Taxify voucher. Congratulations!

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Allow me to introduce myself,my name is Anifowose,Segun Johnson,folks call me KING GLAB.I am a chef and nutritionist.A graduate of English,University of Lagos.

This is my #reward4dhustle2 hustle story @premiumpensionltd
The early mornings and late nights coupled with the heat,the daily onion tears, stress and occasional hazards of the kitchen spurred me on to be a perfectionist,not just attaining the status of a cook but a chef.
Upon graduating from the University while in my second year,I ventured into my purpose and passion in life which is to create heaven on a plate.

I received low recommendations and folks said "Segun,you can't make it;the competition is tough and you just a 'broke boy'".So many nights I cried,to hide how I felt I channelled the reproach into creating and researching on new dishes.
Then I dropped my 'bigboyism and ladies man' tag to create a path for my destiny.I started going to parties and events to help out in washing of plates and dishes in order to pursue my dream of building a 5 star food brand which would become a 5 star hotel.My mum could only pray and offer her morale support to her son rather than give out cash which she didn't have.

NOW,the pendulum has swinged."Glaberima"which is the name of my restaurant is the number one quick service restaurant in University of Lagos and it's environs where upwardly mobile people come around to have prompt and palatable cuisines.It's now more than a restaurant,but a good point of contact for events and show promoters to promote their event as the number of customers and sales is beyond even my imagination.

Impossible is nothing,big things start small.Never despise the days of little beginnings,now I simply look back in gratitude.


University Of Lagos

Think Global🌏;Start Local🏑...#Glaberima...food is a lifestyle!


Hip hip hop hurray,
Guess what?
Glaberima is 2! Yippee, hippie!

Our revamped brand is positioned to make every meal a delightful memory.
As one of the fastest growing quick service restaurant in Lagos, we guarantee you a world class service experience.
Tell a friend to tell another friend.
Glaberima is 2!

Why not pop in this evening and have a feel of our magic dish.
DLI CAB PARK,University of Lagos
Facebook page @Glaberima
IG @glaberima
Twitter @Segnif_McAnison

University Of Lagos (Unilag), Akoka

"Teach us oh Lord to number our days".πŸŽ‚πŸ·HAPPY BIRTHDAYπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰ SEGUN JOHNSON,ANIFOWOSE (πŸ‘‘KING GLAB)May you increase in wisdom and grace !!!AMEN.


Without entrepreneurs, our economy won't grow.
Keep on thinking critically of how you can add value to life.