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The GladRags family portrait, courtesy of @zero.waste.vic ❤️ #gladragspads #xoflo


“What might shift — culturally, socially, politically — if we stopped apologizing for our periods? What might happen if we stop acting like our bodies are “problems” to be fixed? I don’t know for sure, but I’m trying to find out.” - Jamila Reddy 🙌❤️🔴
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We’re sending one lucky human to #AutostraddleCamp — could it be you?? A-Camp is an immersive home-away-from-home queer camp for adults that has been changing lives and taking name-tags since 2012.
This year’s curated conference/camp/retreat takes place May 16th - 21st in Ojai, California and has a little something for everybody: diverse panels and workshops, hilarious comedy, kickass musicians, intense discussion groups, arts & crafts, dance parties, serious bonding, and a soothing refuge from the heteropatriarchy.

Ready to win a coveted campership + your choice of GladRags reusable menstrual products? (We wouldn’t send you to camp without making sure your period is covered!) To enter, make sure you’re following @gladragspads then double-tap & comment on this post by answering 1 of the following questions: 🔴 How will A-Camp change your life OR 🔴 How will GladRags change your life?

Good luck! Enter by March 21st. Winner will be announced Wednesday, March 26th.

For more details about camp, this contest, and additional ways to enter, visit or the @autostraddle website. #acamp #autostraddle


It can be so easy (and tempting!) to hide from the world, particularly when it seems as if all that is good is drowned out by all that is not. It’s in those times most of all when we need to show up, stand up, and speak up, and the goodness will indeed rise to the surface. 🌸
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GladRags Ambassador @ournorthwoodslife recently discovered that good things come from being supported by a group. She joined a hiking group in her area and has made new friends and enjoyed countless adventures. Have you considered finding a hiking or other meet up group in your area?
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Look what's just sprouted in the GladRags garden! 😍🌹 It's our newest print, Gingham Rose! Available now. #gladragspads


The must-read, must-share, must-remember post of the month:
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Khloe Kardashian, one of the most followed celebrities on social media thought it was a good idea to write an article titled ‘5 Hacks to Look Thin AF in Your Pics’. According to Khloe looking ‘thin AF’ shows people that you have a ‘sick bod’ and gets ‘your Insta comments to blow the f*ck up’. Nothing like teaching millions of your young fans that being as thin as possible will make you more beautiful AND more popular!

So in response, here are my 5 Hacks to Not Giving AF About Looking Thin in Your Pics!

1. Remember that we’ve all been sold the idea that thinness = happiness by multi-billion dollar corporations that first taught us to see our bodies as ‘flawed’ 100 years ago, and after realising they could make a shit tonne of money from it, never stopped. Say diet cultureeeee on 3!
2. Remind yourself that your body doesn’t exist for the viewing pleasure of other people, since you’re not an inanimate object up for display, you’re a living, breathing, multi-dimensional human being and how your body looks is the least important thing about you. *Flash!* 3. Realise that most of the ‘thin AF’ pictures you compare yourself to have been Photoshopped to hell and back and aren’t attainable for any living human anyway! Smiiiiileeeee!

4. Always wear whatever the fuck you want and pose however the fuck you want and angle your camera however the fuck you want. Fuck flattering.

5. Stop following people who promote fatphobic nonsense and make you believe that looking ‘thin AF’ is something you need to aspire to. Seriously.

Thanks for the tips Khloe, but I’ve had enough diet culture already for a lifetime, so you can keep them. I’ll be over here looking chubby AF and being 100% cool with that. Byeeeeee. 💜💙💚🌈🌞
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#repost @sweetgingerray "When I discovered the world of reusable menstrual products I knew I had found a better way to live my life. It's not something that's talked about every day, but my period is a significant part of my life. Dealing with it used to be annoying and gross. I'd bleed on something disposable and add to the garbage heap. Switching to a menstrual cup and cloth pads makes me feel so much cleaner, greener, and healthier! Knowing the health risks and detriments to the environment associated with conventional pads and tampons was enough for me never to bring them near my yoni again." #xoflo #gladragspads


Do yourself a favor and check out the awesome and empowering illustrations from @arelovic celebrating remarkable women who changed history ... while bleeding. 😉❤️🔴
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Artist we love: @boccaccinimeadows ❤️💫🌸🔴🌎🌍🌏


Hey Portland! We hope to see you later this week for a Period Packing Party with @periodmovement and We Work on March 9th. If you’re in the area, come join and put together packages for menstruators in need. 🔴 ❤️
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