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Located in Brownsville, Texas. A tropical oasis ~1,600 animals.

What better way to celebrate #WorldSnakeDay than with some baby snakes!
Our blood python laid eggs on May 6th and she incubated them herself. Last Tuesday, they began to hatch and we are happy to announce that there are 9 healthy babies. Way to go mama!🐍 And a job well done by our Herpetology team! 👍
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It’s #NationalZookeeperWeek! We have so many dedicated keepers that love what they do and we’d like to introduce you all to a few of them. ❤️
Ashley Nicole Ortega, Head Keeper of Reptiles — I have been working at Gladys Porter Zoo for about 10 years. My daily responsibilities include: opening the building in the mornings, checking on all of our animals in the collection, maintaining our exhibits in excellent living conditions for our animals, daily care of our turtles and tortoises, and looking after my assigned sections and animals for each day.—
I’ve always had an interest in animals - partially because I grew up watching Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin, and partially because I’ve always lived in South Texas where we have an incredible diversity of wildlife. I attended the Zoo’s Summer Safari classes when I was younger, and joined the Summer Teen Volunteer Program when I was 15 years old. I was able to see first-hand how zoos help conserve endangered species and decided to pursue a career in the zoo field. —The most rewarding part of my job is getting to do my part to make a difference for the species that I work with. Our zoo’s Galapagos Tortoise breeding program is something that I am very proud to be a part of. Every tortoise that we are able to successfully hatch helps the species’ population grow. Getting to make connections with some of our guests is also rewarding. Any time that I am able to introduce a visitor to one of our reptiles, they usually walk away with a different perception of reptiles. —
Thanks for all you do for our reptiles, Ashley! —
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Our guests take some great photos! 📷: by John Jason Lozano


Our sun conure showing off those "summer time colors" #FanPhotoFriday 📷: @mario.aglz
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Say hi to the newest member of the giraffe herd! You can view her on exhibit with her mom and the others.
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Happy #HumpDay! 🐪 Here’s a little something to get you over that mid-week hump! 🎥: by Alex Olvera- Veterinary Technician #GladyPorterZoo #Wednesday #Camel #ZooBaby


It’s never easy waking up on a Monday. We hope those of you who have vacation are enjoying sleeping in.😴 But of course, if you want to make the most of your vacation, the best time to visit the Zoo is in the morning. 😁☀️ #ScreechOwl #GladysPorterZoo #SmallWorld #Monday


A group of stingrays is also known as a “fever”. Don’t worry, it’s not contagious! Visit the Stingray Touch Tank in the Russell Aquatic Ecology Center for a close-up experience. #GladysPorterZoo #stingrays #AnimalEncounters #TouchTank


You can now view Jambo, the kori bustard, in all his wonder without any visual barriers. Now that Jambo has become acclimated to his new home, his keepers have removed the temporary privacy fence around his exhibit. Come say “Jambo!” (Hello in Swahili) to Jambo! #GladysPorterZoo


#FanPhotoFriday featuring Lalo the Giraffe 📷 by: @ale_oftheocean


Hang in there, everyone! Friday is almost here :) 📷: Hoffman's two-toed sloth doing what sloths do best.
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Happy 4th of July from the Gladys Porter Zoo! Catch us on Art’s Safari Express train at the Independence Day Parade in Brownsville! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸#fourthofjuly #july4th #IndependenceDay