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Being 50ft up on a catwalk, running MC cable, it's helpful to have all your tools at hand.

I'm really loving the new Veto Pro Pac OT-MC! It's small base makes it really easy to move around the jobsite and helps keep me organized.


With the unusually cold weather we've been having here in Georgia, I've had some trouble starting @gusthetruck86 in the morning.

Thanks to Amazon, and some elbow grease, I installed a new block heater today. I'm hoping this'll solve my problem and make Gus a little happier in the morning.

Cassville, Georgia

I could not be more impressed with my Veto Pro Pac TP4 pouch. Its the perfect-sized companion to my OT-MC and ideal for carrying as a waist-pouch. It holds everything I need, with a little extra room for specialty tools.


MAD PROPS to @klein_tools for the wonderful magnetic clip light. It really came in handy when they had to shut down temporary today and I was still pulling wire.


Veto Pro Pac and DeWalt killing it on the jobsite for Day 1! Fewer things better than being totally prepared.


Alright #electriciansofinstagram! Here's where I ended up for my first day (tomorrow). This is everything that was on my required tool list (plus one or two add-ons). I did leave out one or two things I just didn't understand. If y'all see anything that I'm missing, or don't need, please let me know.


I get asked all the time about tool bags/boxes. Truthfully, I think both have their place, but if your a fan of bags, there's only one Veto Pro Pac!

VPP's are made with the best materials are are made to withstand the rigors of the jobsite. They're damn near indestructible and are made to last. Built by a pro, for pro's, there's no other bag I'd trust on the jobsite.
Yes, they're a little expensive, but you get what you pay for and you won't be disappointed. With abag for every trade, there's a Veto for everyone. As I start my new job, I can't wait to load up my Veto's!


Hello everyone!!! Sorry I've been out of commission for a while; lots going on!

I have some exciting news to share! As of last Monday, I accepted a job with a commercial electrician here in Atlanta, GA!!! I'm beyond excited to start my journey in the trades ans even more excited to share it with you all!

What does this mean for the blog? Well, some of the content will change, but I'll try to mix it up. You'll see some tools and materials I'm not used to using. AND, you'll get to see, first hand, my experiences on a commercial jobsite as an electrician. Stay tuned!!!!


Dear @magellan_outdoors/@academy,
LOVE these shorts, but please, on behalf of all men, make the back pockets deeper!! I can't even button them with only my wallet in the back pocket, they're so short. Otherwise, they're great; just need about three more inches.


***Hand Plane Sale!!*** Spent a week restoring these amazing handplanes for a friend of mine, and (good news for y'all) he's looking to sell them!
The lot is: • Keen Kutter Wood Block Plane
• Stanley Block w/adj. Mouth
• Stanley #4 Smoothing Plane
• Stanley Sweetheart Jack Plane
• Stanley TwoTone Jack
• Stanley Bailey #6 Jointer (Grooved Sole)
• Stanley Bailey #7 Jointer

DM me if you're interested in one or all. All planes have been surfaced, blades Tormek sharpened, and lubed.


Amazing what a little sandpaper, Scotch-Brite and wax will do.
Go a few planes from a good friend and am restoring them for him to re-sell! Stay tuned!!


After 10+ hours of hard work and another 12 hours of letting the wax sit overnight, it's all paid off!

Hopefully, @gusthetruck86 will be all set for fall/winter.