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Quality tools go a long way to being more effective, more efficient, and more able to uphold a high quality of work.
One quality tool I can not live without is @vetopropac_toolbags. Many of y'all know I love my Veto's, but they've become invaluable in my life as a commercial electrician. The TP4 works great as a belt pouch, handle pouch or strapped to a scissor lift. It goes everywhere with me!


Loved my @wihausa insulated linesman pliers so much that I bought the diagonal cutters to match. The dykes are pretty awesome as they have a "power button" which changes the hinging mechanism to double the cutting power!


Always nice to get up on the lift and get some work done with my favorite tools.


Quick tool update: I do still use the Husky 1" x 12ft ratchet straps, however, they definitely have their limitations.
If it's something large and/or heavy, I always go for my 3" Kinedyne straps. Those are much better. But, for the smaller loads, the huskies are just fine.


Alright #weldersofinstagram, I wanna hear from ya'. What are your thoughts about cordless grinders?

I know they're not unheard-of, but this new Makita 36v grinder is an absolute BEAST! Truest definition of "large and in charge."


Alright, this otta' cause some debate. I recently received this Milwaukee 11-in-1 screwdriver and I got to say, first impressions aren't fantastic.
Even before I became an electrician, I used a Klein 6-in-1 screwdriver -- it's compact, good sized grip, and still offered a lot of options. But this 11-in-1 is massive. Sure, you need a little extra room for the extra bits, but it's still fat and I don't think I love the rounded triangle handle.
Where do y'all stand?


Watch out leaves, this Makita 36v blower is comin' for y'all! This beast will blow the newleaves right off the trees. With spring coming, I can't wait to unleash this blower on my yard.
Where you y'all stand on battery blowers (not jobsite "sweepers")?


Things got a little greener in the shop today. Ryobi has really stepped up their brushless line, and this brushless impact is no different. Fueled by the IntelliPort Charger, this thing should be fueled for quite a while.


I get mixed reviews all the time about these little guys. I would never say that a laser distance measure will forever replace tape measures/stick rulers, but they sure are handy little things.
How many of y'all use them? Like them? Don't use them? Dislike them?


**Follower Poll** Dremel, to me, has always been one of those brands/products that you have in your tool collection -- you may not need it on a regular basis, might even forget where you put it, but when you need it, it's the BEST tool for the job.


With having an old truck, some times roadside fixes are inevitable, fortunately, just under the seat is my trusty Husky "Nearly-Industractable" Aluminum Flashlight -- love this thing.


Being 50ft up on a catwalk, running MC cable, it's helpful to have all your tools at hand.

I'm really loving the new Veto Pro Pac OT-MC! It's small base makes it really easy to move around the jobsite and helps keep me organized.