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Lots of pretty new products arriving in the shop this spring!
Extended hours coming in April. ☀️ Image: @monfriese


Going to channel this mood today, thanks.

Image: @koisey.jartu shot by @hannavoxland for @tapestrymagazine featuring @goldenrulecollective dress and jewelry.


New gallery wall gives me peace.

Image: @tiffanykokal



I can honestly say GOLDEN RULE has been built on collaboration. And no matter how it changes and grows, I never want to lose that spirit. We’ve got an upcoming partnership that has been dreamed about for almost three years now. We were never quite sure what form it would take, but I am proud and thrilled to let you in on our little secret. We will be popping up @bangbangmpls in South Minneapolis this spring and summer to celebrate their 7 year anniversary and new ownership.
Everything you’ve always loved about the place is still in tact. My women Alyssa and Jess have taken over and begun the prettiest rebrand. And this is a tiny sneak peek at our first art install. Aptly titled “Magic Hands” - what else? 🙌🏼 We will keep you posted on final details but look forward to Sunday blowouts, mimosas, and shopping your favorite GOLDEN RULE artists and makers without having to drive to Excelsior every time. We’re taking suggestions on any product you’d like to have MPLS access to, but you can for sure expect our signature card wall! 🍾

BANGbang salon & creative space

I didn’t go to business school (hello, music major). So far, I’ve relied on intuition and trial and error in all endeavors. I’m not necessarily proud of that so I am making a concerted effort to educate myself in 2018 and @lab_business is making it not only painless, but really captivating and actually fun! I recently took the SEO LAB with @hipreneur and learned so much in such a short amount of time. Honestly I’m tempted to go back and do it over again to listen differently and ask better questions. You should join me! I’ll be taking a few other LABs this spring so maybe I’ll see you there. You can get 15% off your LAB for Business when you use the code GOLDENRULE at checkout too!


Happy International Women’s Day! I am proud that Golden Rule is female owned and female run. This little shop represents so much femme power and love. What a heavenly host of strong women make it all happen - from our photographers, models, artists, and makers to our lawyer and accountant. Who run the world? It’s clear.

I didn’t set out to create an all female environment and we certainly all love the men in our lives. But there’s something to be said for this deep connection of sisterhood and there’s a growing movement to be sure. Equity and equality are most certainly on our horizon.
This image is a moment recently captured by the generous and talented @tiffanykokal in our small event space. We’re saying a temporary goodbye to our beloved shopgirl/poet/artist @anna.lisabeth as she makes the brave decision to undergo a heart and lung transplant. And if this soul isn’t everything good there could ever be said about a woman, then who is? She is strength, tenderness, brilliance, and pure resilience. She truly spins beauty from ashes and we are all better for knowing her. This photo encapsulates what I hope for in female friendship and chosen family - tangible support and understanding. Literal hands to hold you and lift you up. I believe we all have the capacity and calling to be a benediction and blessing to one another. What a gift to walk with those who choose to move this way in the world.
I love my women.
Feel free to tag the ones you love and couldn’t live without here. ❤️💪 #internationalwomensday


Morning light perpetually points toward beauty and hope.


@wrkshpmn is hopping today with a baby shower this morning and hand lettering with @lauren.ibach this afternoon.
The shop is open 10-5. Come say 👋 and enjoy the spring weather on @waterstreetexcelsior.

Image: @tiffanykokal of our @theflowerfades pop-up.


In the moment between today and tomorrow, I turn 38. It sounds very middle-aged to me. There are so many moments that I feel 19. But my body, my experience, my accomplishments, my failures, and my tempered emotions remind me that I have lived half a dozen lifetimes since 19.
In a surreal twist, I spent today with a team shooting photos of my house and family for an editorial piece to be published a year from now. I wouldn’t say it’s easy to have your home, family, shop, body, face be under a microscope. And I wouldn’t say I do it flawlessly. But nobody cried. In part because I have so many amazing and generous souls willing to help make it all happen.

Thank you to @tinytidies for being able to anticipate my needs effortlessly and cheerfully. Thank you to @araelizabethart and @s.j.webb for taking such thoughtful loving care of my baby River. Thank you to @maritza_at_haus for doing a beautiful job on my tired mama face and for coordinating perfect waves by @annaelizabeth_at_haus. Thank you to @alyssakirby @shoultzn_it and @bangbangmpls for sending out help tomorrow. Apparently it takes a village to get me ready for all the closeups.
And of course I’m indebted to my patient and tolerant @maddutchman and sweet devoted @lillianrediger. I’m not going to thank River. Because he mostly made things harder by yelling “stoppit” and ignoring instructions. 😍

Grateful and tired. And totally fine with that sweet little combo. ❤️


Pretty moments behind the scenes today of #murraystreetprogress and I can share the real photos in a year. 😭❤️


That late afternoon sun showing off right as I finish the new gallery wall. ☀️


It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood and we’re open until 5. ❄️