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These Siberian Huskies are loved all over the world! Join our Husky adventure! #GonetotheSnowDogs #huskygram #husky
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Gone to the Snow Dogs

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Gone to the Snow Dogs

Someone sent this beautiful handmade blanket for Oakley, but sadly she never got to use it. Shelby and Memphis will now share it in her honor. I am sad that Oakley passed away before seeing the last few gifts people had sent for her. But the other dogs will use them in memory of her.
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Gone to the Snow Dogs

I am trying to go through the mail you guys have sent so I can make a video for Oakley's memory mail.. and I can't even. You guys are so amazing. I can't stop crying. You all loved her just as much as we did. #OakleyMoments

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Gone to the Snow Dogs

I can't believe you have already been gone an entire month. An entire month without your #FluffyButt around here. It's so different without you. The house feels empty, even with the other two girls here, we miss you so much. You were such a special dog. You weren't like any other husky we have had, you were different in your own way. I know part of it was the pain you eperienced before you came to us, being tossed to 5 different owners before finding your forever home here with us. I can't imagine the things that went through your head at times. I am pretty sure you were happy here. We allowed you to just be who you are, and just to enjoy life. This photo was taken on her last camping trip she ever went on. She was enjoying the shade of her umbrella that we got for her. She loved laying in the grass just off the mat while camping. #OakleyMoments #gonetothesnowdogs #Huskies #SiberianHusky #Husky #Campingwithdogs #MissYou #InLovingMemory


Gone to the Snow Dogs

Shelby is sad that our #camping trip is over! We are heading home today. But... We might go again in a few weeks! We shall see what the weather brings! It was a great trip! The dogs had a blast!
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Gone to the Snow Dogs

#CampingwithDogs ! We are going camping again! To celebrate our 16 year wedding anniversary, we are heading north! The dogs are always ready to camp!

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Gone to the Snow Dogs

I posted one like this the other day of Oakley and you guys enjoyed it, so here is one of Memphis and her #innerwolf . I will have to get one of Shelby now.
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Gone to the Snow Dogs

We did our first #CampingWithDogs Trip last weekend without Miss Oakley. Our first time camping since she passed away. I am not going to lie, there were some really really hard moments, but we also made some really really amazing memories. Our friends from @ThorDev81 came along as well! We hiked on trails we haven't been on in years. Oakley couldn't do much hiking in her older age, and with all of her health concerns, we weren't able to really take her on super adventure hikes. Getting back to this particular waterfall was a trip! Up a cliff, down a cliff, and repeat. Oh, and did I mention we also had to ford a river multiple times? Yeah. . . it was totally worth it though. My favorite moment of the entire trip.
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Gone to the Snow Dogs

So we decided to call them #OakleyMoments This was actually one of the last walks that Oakley and I took together. She couldn't walk to far anymore, and got tired pretty quick, but she sure loved it when you picked up her leash and collar. She enjoyed her short walks, even if they were just around the blocks near our house. She had her favorite stopping spots, which included the crazy cat lady house down the road. I loved this photo because of how her shadow cast onto the ground.
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Gone to the Snow Dogs

It's still so unreal for me to walk the dogs and only see two #fluffybutts . Yes, recently I was walking all three dogs separately, since Oakley could not go very far anymore, but this still just feels odd. For over 6 years, we have been a 3 husky family. Minus the few months right after Shiloh passed. What's even crazier was for over 5 years before that, we were a two husky family. I am sure we will add to the pack eventually, but right now, it's just and odd feeling. Almost an empty feeling. But we will push forward and live life for these two girls.
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Gone to the Snow Dogs

After our crazy adventures last weekend, we are taking this weekend to chill out, and relax. . . all in preparation for next weekend when we get to take the dogs camping again! Not sure which of our friends are joining us this time, but hopefully a few will come with us! We love having extra dogs camping with us!
But for now, Memphis is going to nap on her @sumolounge chair.
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