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Cosi is looking pretty majestic after a visit!


Our condolences to longtime volunteer Cindy, who recently lost her beloved dog Bailey. Bailey and Cindy were a Good Dog team for 9 years, touching the hearts so many children in the Greenwich area. Cindy continues the work with her Shih Tzu Cooper. Bailey will be missed by many.


Happy #NationalPetDay from the staff pets at The Good Dog Foundation!


Celebrate 20 years of dogs helping humans heal. Early Bird tickets are on sale NOW-April 15th. Join us at @gothamhallny on May 17th for our biggest night of the year. Don't wait to get your tickets! Link to purchase in bio.


Happy graduation to some of our most recent Brooklyn and Manhattan grads!


Not only is Trooper handsome, heโ€™s also a good listener #whatacatch


@poelicious, the newest addition to the Good Dog staff (Development Assistant & Senior Dog Liaison), is hard at work. Or claims to be.


Happy National Puppy Day! This little nugget is visiting the Good Dog office today ๐Ÿ˜


Happy retirement to Newton and his dad Joe! Joe wrote this beautiful note about their experience - โ€œIt indeed both an honor and a pleasure to be an Animal Therapy team working at the various NYU hospitals and clinics. Newton and I look forward to our weekly visits and welcome the chance to share both love and kindness with patients and staff alike.

We are often surprised where we find love at each visit. We do not know where we will find it; but we know that it is always there for us to reveal. Sometimes it's a senior citizen sharing their story of dogs current or past, often it's the smile and laughter shared by a child, shrieking in joy, at the site of the "ginormous" dog, or perhaps it may possibly be a tear of joy shed by a patient in the one of the clinic's infusion room at the site of a four legged friend, there just to see them.

A highlight of each visit are the smiles and laughter shared with us by the doctors, nurses and hospital staff as they welcome us with open arms and help to guide us to patients awaiting a visit from Newton, their therapy dog.

Newton takes his role very seriously starting from the time he slips on his Good Dog bandana and begins his hospital rounds. He has a second sense and anticipates patient needs as he triages each floor looking for those special people in need of companionship and comforted by a furry encounter and a wet nose.

We leave the hospital with a great sense of accomplishment, having brought some sunshine into many people's day. But our day is also enriched; we walk home beaming with gratitude that we were allowed to meet so many wonderful people who welcomed us into their world.

The extra petting Newton receives, a shared treat or two and the joyous expressions on people faces make the whole day just that much extra special in the life of a therapy dog.โ€ The team will be missed by many!


Happy St. Patrick's Day from Buca the Lepradoodle!


Bella had a blast visiting folks on her first visit!


Happy National Napping Day from Oliver!


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