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🏠 Get $40 #Airbnb credit from Goyanggy and his mom! airbnb.com/c/christinel1730 (Link in bio)


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🏘️ Get $40 #Airbnb credit from Goyanggy and his mom! airbnb.com/c/christinel1730 (Link in bio)


(Cont. from previous post) On Sep 16, the entire apartment complex was evacuated due to a smoke alarm from the second floor. When the Fire Department arrived not a single @greystarapartments management staff was on site or came during the whole evacuation and a resident who was a volunteer fireman had to assist them.

After three months of this, we took Greystar to small claims court. Their attorneys responded and we went to a mandatory mediation where Greystar didn't appear because it was the Monday right after the long Thanksgiving weekend. After receiving a letter that they had the lost the case by default for failing to appear, they had their attorneys send in a long request asking the judge to reopen the case. Their whole Greystar office used the excuse that they never received the notice of the mediation date even though they received every single notice before that. Their request was granted and we once again went to mediation and then to trial.

At the trial the judge found Greystar's favor because weed is legal in Oregon and by this time Greystar had already moved the resident that was smoking incessantly even though they did not evict or fine them, but simply moved them to another unit in the building. Exactly four days after they won the trial @Trisha.Lobdell had their attorneys post this notice on our door, evicting us as revenge.

Albert and Goyanggy are both emotional assistance pets and are not at all capable of "causing damage to any persons or property." 😢



WARNING: Please be VERY careful if you are renting or are thinking of renting from Greystar. They are an apartment management corporate giant. Greystar manages over 1,600 apartment communities and they will use their corporate attorneys and deep pockets to silence you if you try to hold them accountable for their negligence. As they did with us, they will even go after your innocent pets to do it.

We moved into the apartment in July 2017 after signing Greystar's standard lease agreement that had a strict 1 1/2 page No Smoking policy that they didn't care at all to enforce no matter how may verbal and email complaints we made. All either went unanswered or a "We'll look into it" with nothing whatsoever done. From the very first day upon move-in the resident in the apartment below us on the 2nd floor smoked marijuana heavily at all hours of the day and night, constantly keeping us up until 3am every night to the point where we were almost vomiting from the amount of smoke. My husband and I are professional athletes training to qualify for the 2020 Olympics in badminton and have lost so much time, training, money, and sleep due to this.
When I asked one of the leasing agents to go check the 2nd floor apartment to catch the resident in the act because it was occurring at that exact moment he said to my face "Sorry, I can't help you", exited the leasing office, locked the door behind him, and left the building. @Trisha.Lobdell told us to call the police (where they laughed at us and told us weed is legal in Oregon and that they don't enforce private property lease agreements). She also told us to call the "after-hours Greystar hotline" which turned out was just an answering service that only took messages down? (Cont. in next post)


🏘️ Get $40 #Airbnb credit from Goyanggy and his mom! airbnb.com/c/christinel1730 (Link in bio)


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