Grayson + Weston + Coalton@graywoof

↟ I keep you safe ~ You keep me wild. ᨏ
↟ Wilderness wanderers. Desert dwellers.
↟ Lightroom presets now available. ↴

Lil floof in the tub. 🛁


G I V E A W A Y !

I’m giving away my pack of three Lightroom presets to one winner! These presets are what I use to edit all of my images in Lightroom. To enter, please do the following:

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I will randomly select a winner tomorrow morning and send you the preset pack containing GW01, GW02, and GW03!

That’s it! 🙂 Good luck! You can learn more about my presets by visiting our website, link is in our bio.


Current reigning tug champ is Coalton. 👑 So impressed that this chicken-scented rope has survived the past few months; All the boys are constantly battling for it. 😂 Our house is usually littered with fluff and ripped up plushies, but the @playologypets toys are still holding up! 🙌🏼 What’s your dog’s favorite toy?


All smiles when we’re out on the trail, especially when the rain is coming down. Something about being cold and soggy really makes the boys happy. 🤔


An animal’s eyes are entirely unique. Grayson’s look like snowflakes, Weston’s are full of golden flecks, and Coalton’s have unique markings of their own. 💧 Macro shots of the pup’s eyes continue to be one of my favorites.


Gray’s ready to run the trail. 😎


Constant roughhousing is the everyday norm between these two!


He’s wildhearted, and that’s what I love about him the most. #WHPwildthing


Caption this. 😏


Pup is 15 weeks old this weekend, 23 pounds, and ready for adventure.


Saturday mood. 👌🏼 Weekend plans anyone?


Coal-bear has transitioned over to a completely raw diet.

In his bowl tonight:
@wefeedraw Complete quail grind (use code GRAYSON15 for 15% off)
Raw duck egg with shell
Raw honey (fed very irregularly due to sugar content)
Raw goat's cheese
@greenjujukitchen Green juju Supplement
Fish Skin

A few questions I've received that I'll answer!

"Dogs can eat egg shell?!"
Absolutely, yes they can! Some people prefer to grind the shell into a powder, but you can feed the shell whole as well!

"How do I transition my dog to raw?"
Before transitioning to raw, make sure you've done plenty of RESEARCH! Even better, consult a veterinary nutritionist who is pro-raw and willing to direct you. Your dog's diet needs to be appropriately balanced in order to be healthy. Transitioning is a matter of preference - Some prefer to transition slowly, but I personally have switched all three boys over cold turkey.


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