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The last four days have been spent building an archive of memories I’ll never forget. Around 7:30am on Wednesday, the 2018 @recoverybp climb team reached the summit of Mount Rainier - 14,410 feet. I’ve never seen a more deserving group of people accomplish such an incredible goal. Thanks to @natelanting and for getting me up the mountain for my first summit as well - couldn’t have imagined a better climb.


Explored this place for the first time over the weekend. No complaints here.


Watching the sunset from basecamp on Mount Baker this week alongside some new friends. I joined this amazing group of people from @recoverybp and Climbing Out of Homelessness on their final training climb before summiting Rainier next month. We climbed in darkness, in rain, cold winds, and finally broke the clouds for a brief minute as we stood on the summit. What a memory it will be to have watched people in this group step foot on their first summit.


Taking the snow escalator down this mighty fine ridge line // North Cascades exploration from a few weeks back with @scott_kranz and @wheretowillie. Honored to have tagged two peaks with ‘ol Scott on his quest for #nc50peaks


Here’s a quick glimpse of my time in @southdakota with @stephwrighttt last month. Next time you’re traveling through the state or really anywhere for that matter, take a few turns down some less popular roads and listen to what’s out there. Learn what the land is about, the people who call it home, and what it means to them. I’m sure you’ll walk away with a new appreciation for the places you visit. #morethancorn #sponsored


A few more glimpses into @southdakota. This Crazy Horse monument has been in the works since about the 40’s, all financed by donation and a crew of ~4. For a sense of scale, Mount Rushmore can fit into the head and (unfinished) hair. Side note, who knows what baby bison are called? #sponsored #whatdidthebuffalosaytohissonwhenheleftforcollege


Grab your axe and snow gear, it’s time for summer. Kicked off the solstice with an impromptu trip to Hidden Lake with @kylemeck and @annacalla. We smelled watermelon algae, ate pie, and got completely socked in with cloud coverage 🤙🏻


I encourage you to turn the volume up and listen to this short prayer from our friend and tour guide, Gus. He brought us around Pine Ridge Reservation and ended here, the site of the Wounded Knee Massacre. We heard stories of their creation and of the tragedies that unfolded over this land. It was a day for less talking and more listening. Even though we were brought to South Dakota for work, @stephwrighttt and I left this afternoon with a very different understanding of the area and the stories we’ve grown up reading in history books. #sponsored @southdakota


Friends are worth celebrating. Best friends are worth celebrating but with more dancing, bikes, food, alcohol, people, and maybe a dip in the river. Here’s to the latter with @jaimiemotsenbocker and @davisgoslin this weekend. #cantwaittohelp


Glimpses of the Badlands. Here’s what we learned - that ladder isn’t as steep as it looks, follow the sign, and yes this place feels like a different planet.
Keep your eyes peeled for a few more images from @southdakota this week! #sponsored


Sometimes the creative inspiration you need is a fresh batch of film scans delivered to your inbox. These images remind me why I love this medium so much.


Island crossings, kayak camping, seaside cooking, sneaky raccoons stealing food, and 9pm sunsets. Summer in the Northwest is here (I hope).