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Island crossings, kayak camping, seaside cooking, sneaky raccoons stealing food, and 9pm sunsets. Summer in the Northwest is here (I hope).


Tired of looking for shapes in clouds? Try finding shapes in the gaps of tree branches. First one that caught my eye was an X Wing Fighter (no relation to May 4th, I swear).


New Zealand, land of silver ferns that will outgrow you in no time.


Spent the weekend in Yosemite exploring new places with new friends. Activities included giant rope swing with @joseromero93 , solo runs, around a lake, watching @jennalaube lose her phone to the river, and fishing for a monkey with bananas. They valley was a great break, but now it’s time to come home.


Happy Earth Day, friends. Let’s keep appreciating this magic today and tomorrow and the next day. Or forever. Actually I like the sound of that better. Let’s keep appreciating this magic forever.


Last summer, I joined a crew of misfits to relay ride 3,300 miles from San Francisco to Anchorage in 8 days. As if that wasn’t enough, somehow @andrewfitts convinced everyone to hop back on the saddle, this time across Canada. From the Pacific to the Atlantic in 9 days, we’ll be riding cross country to raise funds and awareness for our oceans. Channeling the inner stoke by partnering with @surfrider and @theoceanagency for the ride. Stay tuned for some good times and check the link in my bio for more info on our ride. Yeehaw!!


The jump heard round the world. A little weak with the front extension, but I’m slowly compiling these photos to one day show my kids that I saw cool places and had real friends. Because what else are photos for?


These rocks have stood the test of time, from crashing waves and violent storms to a group of weirdos sprinting to watch the sunset with a frying pan full of tacos. Thank you magical rocks for standing your ground.


Climbed my first waterfall yesterday alongside some mischievous friends. Not pictured, me chipping pieces of ice into my face and @andrewfitts smiling like a kid on Christmas morning.


Sitting on a plane, wrapping up 47 days of travel in a place that means so much to me. Lucky for me, I got to experience this with a person who means a whole lot more. We spent time with nearly 15 friends visiting from the States, lived in a van we named Ernie, walked in rivers and poop and up mountains and along cliff edges, we watched sunrise and sunset as often as possible, and ate one too few timtams. We even learned a thing or two about beekeeping and local honey. New Zealand will always be a special place to me, it’s where I gained my first few experiences in the outdoors. I’m thankful I had the opportunity to show @stephwrighttt the places that matter to me and discover a few of our own along the way. Here’s to hoping this isn’t nearly the last time we get to spend time exploring this land.


Chalked up another record spot to call home a few nights ago. This place never ceases to amaze me. And for those of you wondering, yes, this is Mt. Doom from LOTR (which @stephwrighttt has yet to see).


Had the pleasure of watching the sunrise from this gem of a spot last week. When the opportunity to fly in a helicopter is presented to you, always say yes. Cheers @wheretowillie and @wilderness_culture for making this one within reach.


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