🐶 Long coat male GSD. 🐶 living in Perth, Australia 🌍 Born: 18/9/16.

The big guy just taking it all in... 🐶


🐶 or 🦊


Happy Valentine’s Day to the one and only woman in my life! ❤️❤️❤️


Bit of muckin’


When ball is life and it doesn’t matter what situation you have to go through to get it 🌊


I am a Jedi now....


And here’s me thinking you were perfect 🙄


Contemplating whether jumping in to chase the ducks is worth the trouble he’ll be in... 🐶


A year today after waiting what felt like the longest 9 weeks of our lives, we got to pick up our beautiful boy from the airport. Life changing to say the least...
Going against everyone’s advice to ‘not get a dog’ was the best thing I’ve ever done. I couldn’t imagine another day without this little guy, no matter how much of our time he demands nor the amount of shoes, sprinklers, doors, handbags, grass, combs, toothbrushes our household has lost 😂. A huuuuuge shout out to @britt_taylor12 for loving him unconditionally just like I do and looking after him when ever I’m away ❤️
He may look different now, but he’s still that little pup I picked up from the airport with the overly confident, don’t give a f*** attitude 🐶


Such a great illustration thanks @creatureandcub 😍😍😍


I love this illustration done by my friends over at @creatureandcub ! And with Christmas coming up it’s a great present idea for family and friends! Order yours NOW by heading over to @creatureandcub and hitting the link! 🐶


Long gone are the days of personal space.....🐶


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