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No heart. No compassion. No humanity. Words can’t express what I’m feeling right now; seeing pictures of children in cages put there by Trump and the administration, seeing busses made for infants to be taken away from their parents as young as 8 months, but the worst: how trump supporters think that a child without papers is not worthy safety, that you somehow give up all your rights as a person cause you’re leaving a country of violence. How some people so easily can dehumanize CHILDREN being ripped from their FAMILIES is beyond me. Call your senators at +1 202 224 3121 and tell them you support the “keeping family’s together act 3036” Even if you don’t live in USA, just name a state you know and they will put you thru. So much shit is going on in our world today, but this is really the least you can do to help. Please call.


“Your worst days in recovery will always be better than your best days in your illness” - @florencetag. Yesterday Florence and @a_mcgrane joined us on stage at @vamuseum to discuss recovery and mental health. I think I speak for everyone there when I say they were incredibly powerful and inspiring #inspiredbykahlo


@florencetag and @a_mcgrane will be joining me onstage at the @vamuseum sharing their story. Tune into to our IG story to get snippets! Anna’s outfit by the wonderful @dianegoldie #inspiredbykahlo


Let’s talk about Pronouns! If you are unsure of a persons pronouns ask them. If someone calls you out for misgendering them don’t get offended, accept that you may have offended them and apologise. Misgendering happens when a person refers to another using incorrect pronouns. Misgendering is often an act of violence on an individual which is why it is important to apologise if it was a genuine mistake or if you were unaware. #gurlstalklgbtq


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been all kinds of swamped lately, but the end is in sight at last 👁️ in the meantime, here’s a fitting crop to celebrate pride month 🏳️️‍🌈 shoutout to all the incredible brown, black, muslim, fat, intersex, non-binary, disabled, and mentally ill queer folks that are often left behind in these tiny moments of celebration. also, we specifically owe so much of our history and so many of our triumphs to our black trans siblings. i see you, i stand with you. ✊🏽 i hope this pride month is full of joy, remembrance, indulgence, community, and togetherness for us. 💛 #oneofthem #gurlstalklgbtq


Dimensions of Gender by Abby Taylor. Abby is an openly queer, gender fluid illustrator and printmaker working in Brooklyn. This series illustrates the depth of indentity and the absolute beauty that is individuality and trueness to self. Abby’s work illustrates the complexity of the human form and psyche and how those piece work together to create and compose our indiviuality. 🎨- @stabbytaylor #gurlstalklgbtq


2 years ago 49 lives were taken too soon. Today we remember the victims of the Pulse Nightclub attacks in Orlando. We are reminded why safe spaces are so incredibly important to the community as well as gun reform. We must all continue to fight so EVERYONE can feel safe whilst being themselves. #gurlstalklgbtq #gunreformnow


During her livestream last week @taniasafi said we should speak to ourselves as if we are a loved one. You would never say nasty comments to a loved one so why should you say it to yourself? The way you speak to yourself matters 🎨- @bykellymalka


@munroebergdorf is a transgender model and activist best known for her honest insight into ‘white privilege’, diversity and LGBTQ+ community. This Wednesday Munroe will be answering any questions you guys may have. If you want to ask Munroe a question please email, dm or comment below #gurlstalklgbtq


Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist known for her self-portraits where she often depicted physical and emotional pain. @vamuseum are hosting an exhibition “Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up” celebrating her life. @Adwoaaboah will be hosting an open discussion (18th June 7pm-8:45pm) on her experience of female representation in media and the importance of women creating their own image. We want to hear from you guys! If Frida Kahlo’s story resonates with you, we would love to have you share on stage with the Gurls Talk community. Please email us a video sharing your story over at Deadline: 11th June (we will also be replying to all submissions then) Look forward to hearing from you guys! #inspiredbykahlo


@ldnlgbtqcentre are a group of volunteers who are setting up an LGBTQ+ Community Centre in London. The Centre will serve as a cafe employing LGBTQ+ people looking for work, a meeting point, a workspace and a social centre. BUT they can’t do this without donations they have 5 days to raise £5000 and ultimately make a difference to the lives of LGBTQ+ people in London. Please see the link in our bio to donate (every little helps) and help out a great cause.


Producer @taniasafi will be taking over our Instagram with a Queer Q+A answering all FAQQs (Frequently Asked Queer Questions) so please send us any questions via email, dms or comment below and be sure to tune in! #gurlstalklgbtq


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