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I am a big fan of Kat Graham and Jake Gyllenhaal. So this fan page is all about them πŸ’•
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My two running babes πŸƒ

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Sorry I've been lacking in posts, I'm new to this whole fan account idea.. but we can all agree that Kat Graham has been poppin' lately in her style ❀️❀️ @katgraham


Kat Graham's dog Izzy is my favourite ❀️

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I don't know if anyone else has truly noticed this.. but there's a little hole dot thingy in the middle of Jake's forehead, and I've tried searching to figure out what this hole is about but I can seem to find anything... so if anyone has information about it, I would love to know because it's been on my mind for quite some time. #jakegyllenhaal @mgyllenhaal


Β°NEWΒ° Jake Gyllenhaal in NYC



Jake looks sooo good in an all black suit 😍😍 #jakegyllenhaal


The beard 😍😍 #jakegyllenhaal


Here's another cute pic of Kat Graham
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Kat Graham looked like a pure queen at the Critics Choice Award Show in 2014

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There's no water in my house rn because the city is fixing the roads.. so now my mom is cooking with bottles of water.. #jakegyllenhaal


Kat's first day on set

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