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High above the treeline, where the wind, snow and cold keep the iron grip of winter for several months (this image was made in April), the ptarmigan thrives. A small, white feather-ball in a wide, white landscape. Here the ptarmigan moves with subdued steps and picks up what nutrients it can find. After rummaging around for food, a tangle of neat ptarmigan tracks remain, crisscrossing between scree and rocks, where the wind has uncovered the sparse vegetation.
Sarek National Park, Laponia World Heritage Site, Sweden.

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We got up early this morning so that we could enjoy the good snow conditions for skiing, after a night with some minus degrees. Although we had to postpone the skiing for an hour as a fox appeared outside our mountain cabin (luckily Erlend was fast to grab his camera...), for most of the day we were skiing under some light clouds, the air perfectly still. The only sounds breaking the silence were the crunch of the snow beneath our skis and the call of the ptarmigan males above the treeline.

We are so grateful for having the opportunity to live so close to nature! So grateful for all the wild places left on our Planet!

Happy Earth Day, everyone!
Happy Earth Day, every day!

Photo by Erlend Haarberg
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During winter the ptarmigan lives in a flock for protection – many eyes are better than just one pair. Being cautious is vital as the ptarmigan has many predators to watch out for, both on the ground and in the air. And the bird's camouflage helps him to blend in with the surroundings, both in summer and winter.
Sarek National Park, Laponia World Heritage Site, Sweden.

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From our recently published book "Laponia - Majestic stillness": Play of light and shadow on a snow-covered mountain slope, in April.

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Winterly landscape with snow drift in April.
Sarek National Park, Laponia World Heritage Site, Sweden.

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Naked birch trees.
North-Norway, March 2018

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Eurasian elk (moose) making its way through deep snow in North-Sweden.

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Coastal still life.
Helgeland, Norway (February 2018)

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Winter scenery from the #Okstindan mountains, the "roof of Northern Norway" (February 2018)

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Play of light and shadow on a mountain slope.
#Okstindan mountains, Norway (February 2018)


Colors of a winter forest.
Frost-covered Siberian spruce forest in early morning light.

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This time of the year in Laponia...
Siberian spruce forest in late evening light.

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