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super excited for some travel this week ☺️✌🏽if you could teleport to any city in the world right now, where would you go? 💫✈️ Ya girl would be in Reykjavik, Iceland rn 🌨️🕺🏾I reeeeally want to see the northern lights!! or I’d be back in Milan...wouldn’t mind walking the cutest streets with some vegan gelato 😍


☆ recipe alert 😏 found my new favorite bowl recipe today & i ofc had to share with y’all 🕺🏾🕺🏾this Vibrant Veggie Bowl has major inspo from one of my favorite salads that I had in Spain @internationalintegrators 💛💫 it’s a kind of weird mix of fruit and grains and potatoes but the flavors all come together beautifully with a garlicky lemon dressing 🙊🙊🍋 I love it lol — head to my bio link & give it a try!!! 🌿🌿🌿 what’s your favorite “weird” food combination??


One of the best parts of summer is making alllll the seasonal fruity ice cream 🙌🏽🍒 Just made this hand-picked Cherry Cardamom Coconut Ice Cream this morning & it is absolute heaven!! 🤩💫🍦Thinking about which fruit farm to visit this week for my next ice cream batch 🤨 what flavor+fruit combo do you think I should make next??? I’ll be sharing the recipe :)


my FIRST #IGTV video is out!!! 🙊🙊🙊 Ninja chickens, ufos, rapping skills, being on reality tv, and my addiction to shopping for plates 😂 & MORE — all in my first IGTV video sharing 10 facts about me!! Head to my channel (@hailethomas) via my profile or your IGTV app to check out pt.1 & pt.2 😏 Let me know what you think & leave suggestions for videos you’d like to see next 🙏🏽💕💕💕 sooo excited to be on this platform. I’m working on some cool things for y’all :)


I get a lot of DMs on my hair & how it’s “goals” which is such a weird thing. I really appreciate when y’all are so sweet, because my relationship with my hair has been very unhealthy in the past. I straightened my hair for 6 years before even considering doing the whole natural thing full time. & during those years I also wanted Invisalign & colored contacts. At 13...& 14...& 15 I wanted everything but what I had naturally. Brown eyes are boring. Teeth gaps are not cute...etc. I would think that I’d just be more different and look so much cooler if I had ~something else~. It takes a huuuge amount of societal deconstruction to tap into self love and full acceptance of all that we are naturally. We have to declare that what society says is beautiful is not our definition of beautiful — or what society says is exotic and makes us special or *cool* isn’t our definition of any of those things. And that anyone’s opinion about us doesn’t matter. Even if it’s complimentary, we can’t rely on it for validation of who we are. — For so many years I thought of my natural, curly hair as difficult, unmanageable, unprofessional, too attention grabbing, and something that took up waayyy too much space. (I always worried about blocking ppls view with my hair 🤦🏽‍♀️ I still do sometimes) & because of these perceptions, I literally burnt the curl pattern & length out of my hair. (If you swipe through the photos you can see the transformation.) I never ever thought that I could wear my hair like I do now. but I always knew deep down that it felt kind of wrong to burn away something I was born with & didn’t have to hate. I had to realize that we’re allowed to and are born to take up space in order to finally accept my hair & many other features I have. I had to disconnect from all of my assumptions of what people think about it in order to be okay with me. I just want y’all to know that you don’t have to change yourself for others. & you don’t have to be ashamed of your path. This is your experience. Express yourself in the ways that feel most authentic. It unlocks an indescribable inner freedom. When you show up in the world as YOU, each step and each breath feels more powerful💛


As a thank you for all of your love and compassion on my last post, I’ve got an extra sweet & tasty recipe for y’all 💕🍩 These are Purple Sweet Potato Donuts w/ Raspberry Tahini Glaze ☆ and as usual, it is gf and literally the easiest ever. Only takes 15 minutes to bake & prep is a breeze 🌬️ recipe link in bio and my stories!! They’re so yummy and the flavor combo is 💯 Hope you give them a try! & if you do, pls share your creation with me. I love seeing when y’all make my recipes 💖


#FeastofJuly because I refuse to celebrate the fantasy of “liberty and justice for all”. My heart breaks daily when I hear more about the horrors so many migrant families and kids are going through. So, today, with my all Jamaican immigrant family, we’re celebrating all that makes us worthy of equality in this world. Because even if society won’t accept that yet...we have to know that we & our cultures aren’t disposable and we won’t stand to be disposed of. The path to equality is long and complicated and sometimes terrifying...but one day love and acceptance, no matter who you are and where you come from, will prevail. And to all of you who are immigrants or come from immigrant families too...you are what truly makes America great. We wouldn’t be a beautifully diverse melting pot without you. Keep shining and flourishing in all that you are...even if everything seems dark ❤️ — & on a lighter note, let’s talk food!!: I’m grubbing on my homemade vegan gf charcoal bun with beyond sausage, grilled pineapple, jalapeño, red onions, & chipotle mayo! Head to my stories to see how it came together :)


☆ summer mood: bowls all day ☆ lovely chunky blueberry cherry bowl w/ golden kiwis (MY FAVORITES 🙋🏽‍♀️) + apricots, chocolate granola, & blueberries✨ Summer food is honestly my favorite because it doesn’t require much work 😌 It seems like as the days get hotter, my meals get simpler and cooler 👌🏽 Also, I’m super hyped for tomorrow’s vegan cookout for #4thofJuly...I have so much planned!! and if all works out, it will be epic ;) stay tuned — I’ll be on stories


strawberry season ✨🍓💫 what’s your favorite summer fruit? mine are always: 🍍+ 🍒+ 🍈 + 🍉 & alllll the berries 😋


saturday vibes ✨💫 gf cardamom pancakes w/ coconut maple drizzle & the juiciest fruit 🙌🏽😍 #saturdaysareforpancakes


missing Spain and my international fam 😭💖 last week's trip was one of the best and one of my favorites. It highlighted all that is beautiful and worth fighting for....from our very own planet, to human connection and understanding. 💛 This trip was soul, mind, and body nourishing…the kind of 360 self-care that I wish everyone could experience at least once in their lives…especially with all of the traumatic and heartbreaking things going on in the world right now. 💛 Being at Living Whole w/ @internationalintegrators reminded me of one of my favorite quotes by Brendon Burchard, “the shadow exists only because the room is illuminated. there is light all around, there is so much to be grateful for in this seemingly dark world, and so all we must do is pull our gaze from the shadow and look to the ocean of divine light and grace in which we are blessed to live.”. ✨✨✨ Living Whole reminded me of the light/unconditional love that we are all capable of giving and receiving. Of the love and care we are capable of giving to ourselves. Even though we may not be able to heal the world all at once, we can start with ourselves. We can start by remembering that light, beauty, good things, and wonderful people still exist. That our very own existence makes the world better. That we are never alone in our human experience. 💛 Our #1 responsibility is our own personal wellbeing and the impact we make on the people and beings around us…so take a second & release the world from your shoulders. ✨And because this is the perfect mantra for this post, I'm sharing something we said daily at the retreat — I am here for me, and I am here for you. 😘💕 Swipe for some photos from my time there — mostly nature pics lol ✨✨✨ Can’t wait for y’all to see the video soon!


heyyy 👋🏽 back from Spain & feeling incredibly inspired by the @internationalintegrators Living Whole Retreat 💛 I’ll be sharing more about the amazing experience tomorrow, because jet lag is real & I don’t think I can write a good paragraph atm 🤷🏽‍♀️ its way easier for me to share my retreat inspired lunch though :)) At Living Whole, we had vibrant and magical salads that were masterfully layered with flavorful ingredients almost everyday (along with Spanish inspired dishes too). It was heaven 🙌🏽 This Caesar-ish salad was inspired by all that goodness! Smoked shiitake mushroom bacon + creamy cashew turmeric dressing + chickpea croutons & avo 🌿🌿