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With great power... comes great need to take a nap
~Nico di Angelo


Part 1
As of today this Account if officially 2 years old. I first started this thing without ever intending it to grow the way it did and to become this huge part of my life. It all started out with me wanting to separate the pjo fandom posts from those of my friends and I started posting on a whim. Suddenly I had like seven followers and you don’t know how confused I was by that. As I kept posting some screenshots i thought funny my following kept growing and growing and exceeded all my non-existing expectations. At this point there are over 3200 people who, for some reason, have decided to follow me. ( maybe 90% of you are bots, who knows). But with time progressing I also grew up and I learned a lot. I went from a giddy, childish, shipping-aggressive fangirl to who I am now, even if I still have to figure out who that is exactly. The internet community and the pjo community have done a great deal when it comes to educating me on the different issues and problems there are in this world and helped me leave my socially isolated bubble of a small town in the middle of nowhere.
Something that this journey has also given me, are friends. Maybe we are still actively texting, maybe we stopped months ago (you are always invited to slide back into these dms), maybe we only exchanged two words. I have met a lot of different people from different countries through this account and I would not miss the experience I gained from it.
I learned to be more open, especially towards social issues and opened up for conversations I didn’t know existed.


Part 2
Whenever something is going on in my life, I can put it out there, out here, and often there are people who can relate to my personal struggles or opinions or who disagree with me and it fills my heart with joy whenever somebody sends me a dm (even if I don’t reply, it’s not you, I am just overwhelmed with the pressure to reply with something witty). Not only this account but this fandom are such a big part of my life right now, that i could not give it up, if I tried. I will always get up as early as possible and download the new @rickriordan books on my ebook reader as soon as they are released. These characters meant so much to me for so long (years before I discovered that there was even a possibility to get together with other fans on the internet) that I will always carry them in my heart. I still have such passionate opinions on those books and on the characters and the plot (I swear if something happens to Grover in the new toa I will hunt down our dark overlord and hold him responsible) and I could never quit. I have grown older, I have matured, I have grown out of stupid #brason jokes, even though it took me a long time to get there. This journey which I embarked on when I started this account 2 years ago is far from over and I hope it never truly ends. I have made friends, and possibly some enemies too. I have learned how much there is in this world, outside of small town™️ and I am filled with such gratefulness, you can’t even begin to understand.


Part 3
It took me a while, maybe longer than most, to get where I am today and as long as @rickriordan keeps on writing, I will keep on reading. I love you, all of you, for being my best support system and for always having room for me and my shitposting. I love you for not being interested in what I post in my stories (which is essentially all that goes on in my life). I love you for replying to my rants, to my spontaneous outburst of fangirling, to my addiction to hot chocolate. I love you for following me and for not following me and in general I love the Internet. I wrote an essay on social media and the strongest point why we cannot live without it, is that for so many people this is a place where they don’t have to feel alone. This is a place to find your mutuales. This is a place, to find friends whenever you feel alone. This is, to be frank, a surreal, twisted version of a home.


Okay i love this, thank you @staticcolour for blessing us with this amazing piece of art that perfectly sums up Blitzen’s, Hearthstone’s and Samirah’s character. These nosy little buggers... on an entirely different not though, I think I will used blurred backgrounds for art from now on~
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