Hamlet Rose Jones@hamlet_the_corgi

living my best life in scenic s. philly. 🐾🐶 d.o.b: 2.26.17


It’s called a dog park. I’m going to park my butt right here.


Saturday Salute.


🔊 on. feeling myself friday.


Just a reminder that this guy was named ‘Goober’ at birth.


Throwback to exactly one year ago when this potato with peg legs went to his first half day of doggie daycare. Please don’t tell him that he’s sniffing a statue...we still haven’t told him his very first best friend isn’t real. #youcanthavebeautyandbrains #hamcanthang #tbt


For #wcw Hamlet has decided to share his go to move for picking up chicks. —Chase your nonexistent tail in a circular motion. Get so dizzy that you fall right into her arms.
He claims it works “60% of the time every time”. In the event that it does not work just roll away and pretend that nothing ever happened. #pickupchicks #dopedogmoves #ladykiller 🎥 : @chutneyandchai


Raise your hand if you’re jealous of my perfect chest floof. #cockycorgi

📷: @chutneyandchai


Who wore it better? @antoni #denimfordays #queereyeseason2


Happy Father’s Day to all the dog dads and human dads, especially mine.


just two average size doggos having a powwow.


Hamlet wants to wish everyone a Happy Flag Day! His mother was born on this very important holiday, so we take it pretty seriously. So serious that after 29 years of having a birthday on Flag Day she still isn’t sure what Flag Day even is. But damn, Ham looks good in that bandana! .
Bandana by: @charliethemeatball_corgi


Happy Birthday to the lady who never remembers to fill up my water bowl, but never forgets to take a selfie. #thatladyismymother #shewrotethispost