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“Dude Ryan, what do you listen to to get pumped on the highline?!” Glad you asked - Check out @blackdiamond’s latest post for access to my handpicked @spotify playlist! 📸: @krystlejwright


Those moments you just start laughing because you’re genuinely not sure if this is real life 🍃

Always stumbling upon magical places with @she_breathes_fire ☺️


⛰️ O Dedo de Deus ⛰️ The Finger of God, one of the most incredible rock features in the world. Stoked to FINALLY be able to show you more of this highline journey on IGTV!! I just posted it up on my channel, here’s a teaser to get you stoked 🤘 huge ups to the team - @balancecommunity @rafa.bridi @newton_slack @pablosignoret @ighorpereira thanks for the amazing adventure! 🎶: Dusk to Dawn, Emancipator


Highline Recipe⠀

First, use only the finest ingredients, starting with the perfect gap. I like to begin by drizzling stoke over the entire proj and letting it soak. Then, carefully summit and establish the anchors approximately... as high as you can go. You’re gonna want to make sure you absolutely over do this. Attach the line, making sure your tension is low and your ready to get pitted. Last, but certainly not least: ⠀

Send hard. ⠀

Thanks to the send master himself @chrisburkard for the pic pic 📸


Gradient /ˈɡrādēənt/ (physics): an increase or decrease in the magnitude of a property observed in passing from one point or moment to another. ⠀⠀
Magnitude in moments - what a perfectly appropriate description of an everlasting gradient sunset sky 😏 ⠀⠀
@she_breathes_fire had this concept in her mind long before the camera was turned on. Luckily for us, the sky painted us the perfectly complimenting backdrop, and I think it’s far from coincidence 🌈


Brazilian coastlines and loose highlines 😎 💦
🎶 Alt J
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FUN FACT! My obsession with balance actually started long before the highlines came along! Since I was two years old, I’ve been on bicycles. I used to watch my dad to track stands on his bike and would spend hours trying to copy him. Years later, I got into bicycle trials (the art of balancing across/going up and over obstacles instead of going around them.) I was obsessed!! Still am, actually... pretty sure I can still hold a wheelie for a mile 😉 WATCH MY STORY - I might’ve put up some rare, never before seen photos... ohhh... ahhhh...
Big ups to @she_breathes_fire for clickin’ this one off 📸 Her timing has always been better than mine 🤷🏼‍♂️


I don’t often show what it’s like before standing up, so here you go. People ask me what I think about before I stand up and walk - you tell me what thoughts you think you think you’d have?! ⠀

The Chasm of Cape Pillar, Tasmania⠀
@blackdiamond @gopro


There’s just nothing like that Yosemite glow ☀️

Killer shots from @chrisburkard on our most recent trip to the valley!


My whole life I’ve been stoked on flying things. When I was 16, my brother and I bought an electric glider from Walmart, duct taped my flip phone onto the front, and launched it into the sky. It was FREAKING AWESOME!!... until it crashed 😂 pretty damn stoked to not have to do that anymore, especially over a canyon like this! But hey, extra points for being early to the drone game, amiright? 🚁

This album was shot during the GGBY highlining festival in Moab, Utah. Trying to share more albums from my adventures; I hate how it’s become this thing where only “the best” photos are posted. I think we all want more of the story - it’s what makes us human, after all!


😱 The classic Yosemite falls highline... what a freaking beauty. Like walking over a never ending thunderstorm. 💦💦

Fun Facts: This waterfall is nearly 2,500ft tall and pumps 2,400 gallons of water PER SECOND off the edge during spring melt!!! ⠀

*Disclaimer: This video is from before we were asked not to rig this line anymore due to the actions of certain selfish, irresponsible people. I’ll leave it at that. Hopefully the ban will be lifted soon through the responsible efforts of the better part of the community.


Dude, guys: @instagram TV?!! Super crazy mega stoked to share a little teaser clip we pulled off last week in Yosemite. Go to @instagram’s post today, and/or my profile to watch the full edit!⠀

Big ups to the man himself @chrisburkard for the location, inspiration, and incredible stick of gum after nearly a day of no food. Also the legend @tedhesser for the radical video, and the heavenly post epic burritos! !!! KILLER MUSIC BY @odesza 🎶