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Im not sure what to call these? Jointed mix n' match dancing stick puppets? Not very catchy...

These guys are super fun though and you can mix and match to create all kinds of crazy combos.
I was going to wait to post them until I had made a tutorial, but It seemed unfair to stop them busting out their moves main stage as soon as possible. So, groove on stick dancers, groove on.


Magazines + skewers + some other bits and bobs lying around = ? #seenextpost


About a month into starting my IG account I celebrated international "don't be a muppet, make a puppet week". It was completely fictitious but very fun. This is Shiela, she is a dancer of course.
I shared her and a few other creations from the weeks celebrations over at @hellowonderful_co and on Agnes' wonderful site. Search "Shiela the dancing junk puppet' for the DIY.
I'm thinking it might be time to celebrate again soon? #handywithpuppets


Work excursion today to learn weaving with @lissadesailles. Such a beautiful setting to learn at @rbgsydney. I set out to make a very large bowl and made a tiny urchin instead but I have the basic technique now so can't wait to try more!


I had my first day at home today in a very long time. It was basically a giant mess from beginning to end. As I attempted to get a theoretically simple video tutorial made, I threw activity after activity at the kids in an attempt to get them to leave me alone for the probably 30 continuous minutes I required to get the job done. It's half done, and it took about 8 hours, 6 of which were spent cleaning.
The least messy thing I offered them to play with was these painted blocks we made ages ago. Half of this set is actually a puzzle. If you want to see it assembled search 'underwater puzzle blocks' on the site.
How do you entertain your kids when you want to get something done that doesn't involve tones of mess or hours of TV?


Got a load of old artworks floating about? Turn them into a beautiful butterfly puppet! I have a video tutorial for this over on my Facebook page. It's easy peasy and super effective.


Kinetic Cardboard mobile. Say it three times fast! If you scroll down my feed way way back you can see a video of this in action. It's pretty mesmerizing when it starts to spin.

This didn't start out at a mobile, it started out as pizzas and then frizbees before we finally decided to string it together. We had no idea it would spin! It's a nice reminder to just go with the flow as you never know where that can lead. Search 'Kinetic Mobile' on the site for the full tutorial.


Despite having a scissor wielding craft fanatic with an art degree for a mother, Finn still thinks that Mr Maker is the be all and end all of DIY. He has actually said on numerous occasions that there is NO WAY I could ever make the kind of things that come out of that big spotty studio.
I could take offense, or I could be happy that after watching the show today Finn rushed straight into our little art studio and whipped up this control panel completely unassisted. He made a few addition, such as extra buttons and an antennae which actually doubles as a pencil in case you ever need to write down some ideas while on a stake out. #mrmaker #minimaker


This is one of those techniques that has been floating around on IG so long that I don't even know who to tag anymore. If you haven't tried painting with a credit card though, walk don't run. It's basically magic.

This was our first time using those IKEA squeeze paints and I have to say I am seriously impressed. No, this isn't an ad but they really are great. Excellent vibrant colours and a really good flow for little people (aka they can't squeeze out the whole bottle at once).


A very @mericherryla inspired fairy house, made this morning by Finn and I as a present for a special cousin who is turning one tomorrow. The 5 year old in me basically exploded with joy making this and Finn really liked it too.

Finn, ever cautious though, was rightfully concerned about the amount of things on this that could potentially be a choking hazard. He also thinks there is way too much stuff on it in general and that there is no way the fairy will be able to get into the house. Both fair calls. #fairyhouse #fairygarden #fairy


Magic crystal covered wand....So we have used about 6 of the approximately 2000 crystals we found on the side of the street today. That is a LOT of wands. What would you do with SO MANY crystals?
If you want a visual cue for how many we are talking about, visit my stories and then times it by 2 (to account for the other chandelier I pulled apart as it wouldn't fit in my car).