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Another day at the office here at the @usapowerlifting Southwest Regional Championship.


I am extremely happy for my long time client and friend Aaron Terry for making the transition to @usapowerlifting today at the @socal_powerlifting open. He finished 8/8 with an 847.5kg total at 115kg bodyweight - and plenty of room to spare. We ended up tossing the third deadlift after a big blister formed on his thumb. Probably 30-40kg of room there, too. 5kg of bodyweight and 10 weeks of training to go - October here we come!!


Unfortunately I strained something in the lower half of my right glute (piriformis?) last week while I was deadlifting.. this means I am backing off of my hard squat and deadlift top sets for a few weeks and focusing on even lighter regressions. Since they’re both pain free and completely brutal.. I’ve decided that high bar beltless pauses squats will be top priority for squats the next several weeks. These carry over to the top end really well so I’m not too worried 🤙🏼


Missing Virginia right about now... gotta go back soon.


I don’t have any fun new training videos so I’m gonna give a sweet flashback to possibly my favorite oopsie-set I’ve ever done. Was aiming for a triple here and hit the rack on my silly descent.. came back and got the triple shortly after though ;) this was in the good old days in the dungeon of yorba Linda.


Huge shoutout to my client Kent Wu. He doesn’t social media all that much so I can’t tag him... but dude just went out and had his best meet to date at the California State Games. It was a bit of a late start for us. We’d only been working together about 7 weeks and managed to reduce his pain levels, increase his total, and finish 9/9 with a surprisingly easy third deadlift (low key downer we didn’t go for more). Super pleased!


I had some fun today helping out YuYu Ren AKA @deadlift_panda at the @usapowerlifting California State Games. Hit a couple bumps in the road but it’s all a learning experience and a good chance to shake it off before October. Eyes on this guy with the 83kg boiz.


515lb x III

This is another beltless #pr and honestly just super hard. It looks easier than it was but this is the first time I’ve really had to grind out a rep like this in training in more than a little while. I’d call this a good finish for this block on pulls unless I’m feeling ridiculous next week. No excuses here... this shit was just slow. My thumbs were not cooperating with my hook grip so I almost threw on the straps today but I am glad that I didn’t. Now on to the regularly scheduled backoff work.. my goal is generally to NOT work this hard in training :)


490 for a sangle bojangle beltless #PR
This was a surprising rep to me. My warmups all felt pretty terrible, and my last set before this at 455 felt worst of all. I fully expected to complete the rep but It actually ended up moving better than the single before it. As a rule I will never attempt a weight that I’m not confident I can complete the desired set with (why risk the injury for a single set?) But she moved and there was room to spare! 500 next week 😎


What an adventure yesterday on our cruise to and from the beach 😁 we left with couple bumps and bruises, a bloody nose, and some seriously good memories. I love all of you guys! @jonbeasy @chelsea_ann_barone @omnomnomnomcookies @pwrlftrchic @mediocre_baldguy


There isn’t much I’d rather be doing than grilling and celebrating America knee deep in the kiddy pool with @jonbeasy. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸


Deadlifts with friends today. This was a much better performance than I expected today - it’s a beltless #PR and only a bit behind my actual conventional rep PR. This is promising 😎