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Bts picture from @lackofcoloraus a couple of months ago 🎩
On another note, here’s a funny story about the mess called ‘my life’. Woke my man up at 5.20 Sunday morning for him to drive me the 45min it takes to the airport. I’m supposed to fly to Texas and @sherrihill for work and the route this time was Stockholm-Helsinki-Chicago-Austin, which is a pretty rough travel - 2 stops is never a good thing. When we get to the departures hall there is no 8.30 flight to Helsinki. Weird, I thought, asking my boyfriend, “it is Monday today, right?”
It was not. The fact that he just laughed about it, gave me a hug AND drove me back the next morning is beyond me (also, this time I realized I had forgot my phone about 15 minutes after leaving the house). Anyways. Made it to Helsinki, made it to Chicago at 3pm, waited for my next flight until 10pm and then it got cancelled. So now here I am ~36 hours in on a travel that usually takes ~14h, keeping all my fingers crossed that my flight today doesn’t get cancelled. I’m in a surprisingly good mood considering the lack of sleep but really, American Airlines? How can you not help a young woman book a hotel in a foreign city when her flight gets cancelled? How can it take 2h to reclaim a bag? How is the first flight you can find to Austin late afternoon the next day? But just gotta say, I’m so so thankful for the help from @sherrihill who’s been so understanding and helped me book a hotel in a city I know nothing about- calming me down about missing a day of work. <3


Allt du behöver är ett vitt skynke och en skogsdunge hemma i orten 📸 @christianfang


Bts from my 24h in literal paradise.


This is not my face today


Bts last week with @lackofcoloraus ❣️


You know you had a good time when you haven’t had time to post anything, and the few pictures you have are all with a stupid drunk grin on your face. Such a good weekend with such great girls, perfect way to end this round in LA ❣️


@TOVAEDWINSON WHOO looks like this without makeup?!?!? The skin?!?! The lashes?!?! The brows?!? Absolutely unreal. So happy to have had you here and so sad that ur leaving


Baby blue 💦


If maja wasn’t my friend I my instagram would be empty


The weekend was too good. Thinking I’m in some kind of Truman show at least once a day. How are these people my friends?


No I always get my makeup done topless don’t u