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love you forever


If indeed I grew from the ground, then let them say I defied the soil. 🖤


Until next time, Cape May. Thank you for being my NY happy place. 💜


Life’s a beach 🎡🏖️🐠🎈


"You're in my blood like holy wine." 🥀


a picture of us laughing in 1999 /

and what you are to me is fragmented
bits of memory sudden like a flash
and at times in fear of forgetting how to say it,
i turn the word over and over on my tongue:
dad, dad, dad
almost a silly word, silly when it used to fall out of the center of one’s mouth, dad
like a laugh, like an eyeroll, 
the short consonant, the long vowel, the consonant again,
halting on the roof of my mouth.
how a name becomes foreign.
how my mouth forgets.
you come and go to me like an eclipse
a shadow of an object on the sidewalk distorted;
you are there and gone and here and never,
fact and myth dancing together on the waves that kept you quite afloat a bit of
sand slipping through my fingers a
star that shines and blinks in the night sky which could just be a satellite, the squint that tries to discern it the question
if a tree falls did i hear you was i
there when your soul rose out of your body like dew glistening momentarily in summer sunlight? of steam rising off the surface of the water, did you speak at all when the light ran out, when you floated incrementally like a staircase, tilted and spiraled,
when you evaporated?
consonant vowel consonant:
i am constantly forgetting what is chronological.
but for a moment there was you and i,
red knit hats and chilled cheeks
watching birds in tall evergreen trees
sing a song we had never heard
and we skated together on soft snow


34.0188290°N 118.4700428°W 🖤 #marchforourlives


aesthetic: persephone ascending from hell into the spring / 📸 @karen__santos


70 degrees and everything is beautiful! 🍷


Thank you, Edward Hirsch, for somehow putting my dad and his love and all my gentle misery into your poem. It is an ultimate saving grace. @samalaleary and I found this poem together just before Christmas. We were meant to discover it together. And today when I walked into the Strand in a desperate attempt to find it in book form, there was only one beaten up, worn copy available in the store, stacked small in the wrong section. I know it was meant for me to find. How I miss you, daddy. How amazing it is to find you wherever I go. 4329


💋🌹🥀 📸: @marlamacarr


/ This is a torch song. Touch me, and you will burn. / 📸 @karen__santos


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