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Stir fried some tenderstem broccoli, mangetout, edamame, Lidl chicken pieces and cashews in sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic and ginger. Served with brown rice and quinoa and some Itsu vegetable gyoza 😍


Mini haul from Lidl veggie week. Not gonna lie I thought the pittas were naan, whoops 😂

Just tried the roxakia and they're sooo good but very very sweet (and I love sweet things)


Didn't know what to eat with this that wasn't more potato (not that there's anything wrong with potato) so went with a nice pile of mushy peas 😂 was pretty nice though!


Is this an excessive amount of Quorn? Cos I don't think it is 😂
Chicken and sweetcorn rice from Sainsburys labelled vegan 😍

Then the Vivera and Itsu things are from Waitrose - £2.31 for the burgers, £2.39 for the BBQ pulled veggie and £2.62 the for gyoza (random prices?!)


Corn tortilla with spinach, black beans, roast sweet potato, sweetcorn and avocado 😍 plus a cold pressed juice


Not the most appetising photo, but had my favourite pearl barley casserole for dinner with sweet potato, mushroom, celery, leek and edamame plus a 5 grain Quorn fillet


Can we just take a minute to appreciate these gooey, glittery salted caramel brownies by @badbrownieco?! Munching them in bed while watching Grey's Anatomy cos I went to a club for the first time in 5 years last night and I am not about that life 🚫❌


Hummus, pitta, chips and fasolia. Simple but delicious as always 😍


So Bread Meats Bread portions are made for mammoths not humans 🙈 vegan poutine

Bread Meats Bread Glasgow

Okay the new vegan Quorn slices are amaaazing. Had the chicken ones on a red onion and chive bagel with Violife, cucumber and Tesco mayo maize. The ham ones are amazing too, why didn't I buy a million packs of them both 😭 literally drove 12 miles for them as well hahaha


Feeling fat and disgusting so I bought doughnuts, makes sense 🤔 Vimto doughnuts though 😍😍 also the Homer, chocolate banana, and custard cream


Teriyaki baked tofu, rice and quinoa, mangetout, sweetcorn and edamame 😍