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My first #LAPride was a success!!
It was so refreshing to be in a place full of unconditional love, acceptance and expression. I’m proud to say that my life is interwoven with the LGBTQ+ community and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for such great memories @joeythao @1mannyonly 💕👯‍♂️ 🌈#HappyPrideMonth #ProudSister


Come out tomorrow night to the first @sugoisaturday in the NEW WAREHOUSE

You know @hungristreats has got you in the munchies department #BACOS & #POPSICLES

SWIPE▶️▶️ to see the debut of our first stickers. Special thanks to @joapplesauce & @kevin.reglos for all the help bringing these ideas to life!
🤘🏼 #HUNGRISTREATS X #HapaBabi 🤘🏼


We caused a lil’ trouble last night at @clubposers 😏🔥✨
Thank you again @1mannyonly for letting me slay w/ your squad
#FuckLoveGiveMeDiamonds 💎


Idk if you’re ready for this performance?? 😏🔥

Choreo: @1mannyonly
Place: @flamingsaddleswh
Event: @clubposers
Time: 10pm
$10 @the door


🔥Come out tomorrow to @flamingsaddleswh to see me hit the stage for the first time in almost 5 years. Thank you @1mannyonly for the opportunity!!💎💎

#ShimmeringDiamonds #YouAintReady #LANightLife #Dance #ClubPosers #8Count #MoulineRouge #Musicals #WithAKick #BadBitch #Diamonds #ShineBrightLikeADiamond #MegaBabes #HapaBabi 🔥✨


💜 #PurpleForThePlanet 💜
If you color your hair purple, take a selfie, and tag it @sambazon with the above hashtag then they will Buy 5 Acres of Rainforest On Your Behalf, protecting all the rich biodiversity inside. #VioletHairDontCare #JkIReallyCareAboutOurPlanet 🌎✨
This lovely image was taken by the talented @reglosk 🤘🏼🤘🏼


Happy Mother’s Day to this perfect image of women strength and beauty. I love you @saymindii and nothing I put in this caption could explain how much you mean, how much you’ve taught me, or how much I love you. Thank you for everything💕✨ #LoveYouMama
Happy mama’s day to all the moms in this world 🌎


Here’s a little wrap photo #BTS from @victoriamonet new video #FREAK 🔥🔥🔥
Have you watched it yet??
#WayBackWednesday #LewksByJT


@victoriamonet is too fiyah not to be my #WCW 😍😏🔥
Swipe▶️▶️ to see a few snaps of me and Victoria after video wrap #BTS #LewksByJT


🔥ITS OUT NOW!!! @victoriamonet new video for #FREAK is out TODAY🔥

I am so proud to say that my blessings of a brother @joeythao trusted me to be his Lead Stylist on set of this spicy ass video while he was booked with another client.

This visual is #EVERYTHING just like the mega babe @victoriamonet starring in it. 😍🔥✨

•Assistant: @theefashionremedy
•Director: @jaquelknight
•MakeUp: @chinchilla
•Hair: @tonnakakes