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Ezra and Reese are enjoying a weekend getaway at the incredibly pet-friendly @montagedeervalley
(Harlow and Indiana are on holiday at their grandmother’s house because ever since they watched The Shining, they have been afraid of hotels!)
Ezra and Reese have received the royal treatment during our stay! From lots of dog activities outside to ordering dinner from the Canine Cuisine every night, we don’t think they’ll ever want to go home!
Visit @montagedeervalley to learn more about the resort and if you live in Utah, give them a call to receive the Utah local’s rate! #MontageMemory


Our little foster pup, Kai finally met Harlow and the gang! We have been keeping them separated to make sure Kai was healthy enough to be around other dogs.
Kai gave everyone a kiss when he met them-even though Reese wasn’t quite ready for a first kiss! 😊
He already loves all of his new friends and is so sweet around them. Ezra has been showing Kai every toy in the house, Harlow has been helping with house training, Reese is teaching him the importance of naps and Indiana (the boss) is keeping everyone in line. @harlowandfosters




Our little foster pup Kai had surgery to remove his bad leg on Thursday and he is doing great! He is officially Kai the Tri now 😊
Having three legs hasn’t slowed this little guy down one bit! He has the best attitude and is so happy all of the time.


Side-Eye Saturday


Meet our new foster, Kai ❤️
As we were coming home from our rescue trip in Kayenta, AZ with @nuzzlesandco a few days ago, we noticed a small animal laying on the side of the road. Once we got closer, we realized it was a tiny, emaciated puppy and that he was still alive.
@nuzzlesandco immediately began to give him fluids and he perked right up when we offered him food. After receiving permission from Kayenta Animal Care, we loaded him into a carrier and drove him back home to Salt Lake City in our car.
Kai has spent the last few days being treated by @nuzzlesandco and a veterinarian. His back two legs don’t work properly and have multiple fractures and deterioration. After meeting with a specialist, the best option is for one of the legs to be amputated so that Kai is no longer in pain.
This sweet little guy’s tail hasn’t stopped wagging since we found him. All he wants is to be held and loved on so he’s in the perfect place for that. 😊
He hasn’t met Harlow and her friends yet but when he does, we know he is going to love them.

A huge thanks to @nuzzlesandco for all they have done for Kai and every other animal in their care. If you would like to make a donation to help them continue doing their amazing work, please visit the link in our bio.


Our best friend Sage would have turned 18 today! Happy Birthday Sage! We love and miss you so much. 🎈

Sage passed away in 2013. She was Harlow’s very best friend. We started this account to document their friendship and since then, we have added some new members to our family: Indiana, Reese and Ezra.

Thank you for following along on the adventures of Harlow and Sage and for helping us keep Sage’s memory alive. She was very special to us and especially, Harlow. ❤️



We have spent the last few days in Kayenta, AZ helping our friends @nuzzlesandco rescue homeless animals. Kayenta is where our little Ezra was rescued in January.
Due to a lack of resources, stray animals in this area often live very sad lives. They are hungry, thirsty and full of ticks. Thanks to @nuzzlesandco, @mmsubaru and Kayenta Animal Care Center, 101 cats and dogs were transported (many by Mark Miller Subaru’s personal plane) back to our hometown, Salt Lake City. Each animal will be receiving medical attention, healthy food and lots of love and care before they are adopted into loving homes.
We feel extremely grateful to have spent the last few days working beside such selfless and amazing people and helping so many loving animals find their second chance.
If you are looking for an organization to support or are interested in adopting one of the 101 animals who were just rescued, please visit: nuzzlesandco.org #LoveGoesTheDistance




Harlow and Ezra are celebrating their friend Monty's 1st Birthday at the incredibly pet-friendly @MontageDeerValley in Park City, Utah today! (Harlow had a little too much cake!)
If you are ever in the area, stop by and see Monty- he would love to meet you and your pet!


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