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How close was our fan vote? Tighter than Beggar’s Canyon – and just like back then, Luke threaded the Stone Needle and came out on top! Thank you for voting!


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Hey roomie! Chuck said I could crash here. Cool? #AwkwardMomentsDay


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That awkward moment when those WERE the droids you were looking for


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"...We asked for the moon and we got a space station." See what else John has to say about the making of Omega Supreme in part 1 of our exclusive interview! (Link in bio)

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WE. HAVE. A. WINNER! Luke Skywalker (Dagobah) will officially go into production thanks to YOU!


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When in doubt, hire a Corellian bounty hunter.


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We came. We saw. We conquered. #InternationalWomensDay


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A hero for every generation #InternationalWomensDay


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Heads up, the polls are closing soon! Vote NOW for your favorite The Empire Strikes Back character!


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“The only creative direction for this project was to ‘make it exciting’. I proceeded to observe the potential props around me, as I did for many of my images.
Photo/Quote by the late Gianni Lopergolo, Hasbro photographer whose unique passion and creativity continues to live on and inspire today. Photograph from: Insight: Photography and Dioramas by Gianni Lopergolo © 2009.


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Is it the Ice Cream Maker guy or someone else? Vote NOW (by number) in the comments section for your favorite The Empire Strikes Back character to get made into a figure!
Voting closes on Friday, March 8, 2019.