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Changing the conversation on mental health because when we get our #HeadsTogether we can achieve great things.


Feeling inspired by those that took part in @racetothestones?
Join our mission to change the conversation on mental health.

Click the link in our bio to take on a challenge and help to show others they are not alone.
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Our #MondayMotivation is the @racetothestones challengers that took on the 100km for mental health.

Jon Salmon was raising awareness and funds for our charity partner @bestbeginningscharity and he said it was the people around him that kept him going.

Huge congratulations to everyone that took part in Race to the Stones over the weekend, you are all incredible 💙
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This weekend, #teamheadstogether will be taking part in @racetothestones with @dixonscarphone_csr and @themixuk.
Thank you & good luck to everyone taking part! 🍀


Considering taking up exercise or doing a challenge? Run Leader, Lucy says that it is the simple things that make a big difference. Whether it's joining a running group or signing up for a new class, these small steps can create a positive change. "I recently arranged to meet one lady who suffers from social anxiety at the gate and walk in with her to join the run group. It was a huge challenge for her to walk into a new situation on her own but by chatting and walking in together it made it less daunting. It’s about taking little steps, finding something you enjoy and then giving it time. There will be challenges to be faced but by opening up a two-way conversation we can start to make those changes and progress. In my role as a Mental Health Ambassador, it is so rewarding to see these little steps gradually being achieved.

The Heads Together campaign and my role as a Mental Health Ambassador have made me realise how important exercise is in dealing with our mental wellbeing.
As a Run Leader I have always asked about any injuries people may have and focused on the physical side, but it has made me realise that we also need to consider a person’s mental wellbeing. The two should run side by side.

Hopefully, as a result of campaigns like Heads Together, we can get to a stage when someone joins a new group that they can openly say, ‘I have a problem with my right knee and I suffer with my mental health’. As a Run Leader and Mental Health Ambassador I want people to know that we all face challenges and difficulties. If we can break down those barriers and the stigma surrounding mental health and get the conversation going then so much can be achieved." #HeadsTogether #MentalHealth #oktosay #anxiety #mentalhealthawareness #running #run


Supporting young people's mental health is vital.
This #CharityTuesday, we're focusing on the important work our charity partner @themixuk do to support under 25s.
From discussion boards to a helpline, they help young people get to grips with any challenge they face, anywhere and anytime.
The Mix is also the charity partner for @racetothestones, a 100km walk along Britain's oldest path taking place this weekend.
Many of the adventurous challengers taking part in this double ultra marathon, are raising vital funds to help The Mix support even more people that are struggling with their mental health.
Click the link in our bio to learn more about the work The Mix do.

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"Know that as much as depression is weighing you down your courage is also there waiting for you to grab it’s hand to help get you ahead of this."
Larry Meyler, author of Being Brave, shares how finding courage played such an important part in helping him get through depression.
This courage motivated him to go traveling and most importantly, helped him visualise depression in a new way.
Thanks so much to Larry for sharing his story and these positive methods for getting through difficult days, which will help so many others.
Click the link in our bio to read @sailors_son's story.
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GBTQ+ men are four times more likely to attempt suicide across their lifetime than the rest of the population.
With @prideinlondon coming up tomorrow, join us in showing the LGBTQ+ community that they are not alone. If someone you know is struggling with their mental health, let them know there is support available this weekend.
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Our #MondayMotivation is Team Heads Together runner Paul Scates.
When Paul was 16, he experienced psychosis and paranoia and tried to take his own life. The attempt left him paralysed for 10 months and it was his father that helped him regain his sense of hope through his recovery.

Paul ran the London Marathon with his father to help others suffering with their mental health, but the marathon was only the beginning.
Since then Paul has been determined to keep the conversation on mental health going. He has been talking in schools, organisations and took on another 51 marathons, to raise awareness of the importance of supporting those that are struggling with their mental health.
Thank you for all you are doing to let others know they are not alone Paul.
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“All of us have moments when life is tough. And sometimes you just need someone to talk to” - @ladygaga
#thursdaythoughts from the #mentalhealthminute where 300+ radio stations joined together for the very first time to raise awareness of mental health.
Click the link in our bio to listen to this historic moment.

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Have you smiled at someone today? Not only is a smile scientifically proven to make you feel better, but it can also help others, who may not feel able to smile today.
Today's #WednesdayWisdom is from @ProfessorGreen 💙

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Heads Together charity partner @bestbeginningsofficial Beginnings are doing important work supporting and informing parents about their child's physical and mental health, as well as their own.
They have developed the Baby Buddy app, which is currently aimed at mothers and covers the period from conception to a when a child is six months old.
If you're a new parent, find out more about the support this app offers via the link in our bio.

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It has been two months since #TeamHeadsTogether took on the @LondonMarathon and looking back to race day is giving us that #FridayFeeling💙
Do you want to take a challenge for mental health? Click the link in the bio to find out more.
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