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Dear Finn,
I had 14 years as a competitive team swimmer. In all of those seasons, never did I experience more thrilling joy than I did watching you this season. It wasn’t just the growth, the improvement, or the utterly staggering time drops of the last two weeks (utterly, staggering, as in you dropped over 142 seconds across 18 races in the last 8 days). It was watching you decide that you’re DOING this. You put your head down and worked hard, every practice. You became a great team mate and peer. You became someone your coaches can count on. You faced anxiety, and even when you were afraid - the 100 fly, the 200 fly, the 400 IM, the 500 free, every event - of the discomfort and sometimes pain that the effort requires, you faced it. You never backed off, never gave less than what you had. You found grit, self discipline, drive, and the desire to meet goals. You learned to lose and win with grace. In short, you discovered in yourself everything I know that swimming can uncover in us. The last two weekends have been among the most satisfying in my life as a mother. So far!
All of that said, your days of Gatorade, pizza and round the clock rice crispy treats are over my son, and you should plan to resume dishwasher and trash take out duties, beginning tomorrow. The clean clothes in the basket still need to be put away, and tomorrow you will make your bed before you go to school. You will read without complaint every day this week. Swim season is over (for now), guy, and this Mom is putting the hammer back down.
Thanks for the thrills, Finn. In my 39 years of loving swimming, I don’t think I’ve ever loved it more. I’m absurdly proud of who you are.
Your #swimmom ❤️🏊🏼‍♂️❤️

Bath, Maine

These two growing up, pretty fast, pretty much. #kidsinthehood #dylanboy #finnstagram #boyhood #boys

Bath, Maine

Yesterday’s clean up at his grandparents house. He looked at me and said “it just occurred to me that I’ll be doing this for you guys some day”. Some day? We went home and he did the bottom of the drive way and the front walk himself. I think he actually took a little more pride in it than the $10 he was hoping to earn. #kidsinthehood #boyhood #winter

Bath, Maine

After practice, into the snow. Tomorrow, a day off. #kidsinthehood

Bath Area Family YMCA

Next time, I’ll call you out by name. 😉


Good morning cousins. #kidsinthehood


Because even when it’s cold, and everyone else is in for the evening, your dog wants to play, and there’s a stick in a snowy field with a mountain view, and your hat, your hat is pink. #kidsinthehood #cousinella

Bethel, Maine

Morning at this week’s family compound. @dweaf3 clearing the decks. Dogs on assist. #thisismaine #thisiswinter

Bethel, Maine

All nine of the #athletes we photographed and interviewed reminded me how much I learned from playing a sport in my youth. It cultivated in me self discipline, drive and goal setting. It uncovered my grit. I was never a superstar, but I’ve used these skills throughout my life. So glad to spend a little time with these kids and a camera in my hands.


This is Micailah. She’s a high school wrestler. She’s not making a statement. She doesn’t go out there to win. She just loves to #wrestle. From a photo project I did with #athletes last week.

Morse High School

Another snow day. At least we’ve got #dylanboy. #kidsinthehood #finnstagram


Studio tests today. I made #finnstagram stand in. My handsome 12. #kidsinthehood