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glitter dancing on the skin ✨ || barcelona


they point out the colors in you, I see 'em too 💫🌹


no podría haber tenido una mejor compañera de viaje para la mayor experiencia de mi vida. solo tú entiendes cómo me siento, y contigo empezó todo. así que no puedo ser más feliz!! el ver cómo darren te abrazaba y te levantaba en brazos y simplemente TE ADORABA fue increíble. el echarme a tus brazos desconsolada después, también. te vi cumplir tu mayor sueño, y eso es algo que jamás voy a olvidar. darren es algo que nos une desde hace tantos años... que solo podías ser tú. así que gracias por compartir conmigo esta locura (estoy literal llorando mientras estás a mi lado en el avión). gracias por sentir lo mismo, por emocionarte de la misma manera, por hablar de darren ese día de 2013 cuando nos vimos por primera vez. joder this got so emotional, i'm a mess. gracias por jamás considerarme una pesada con este tema, ya que sabes cuánto significa. un día de ese mismo año te prometí que le conoceríamos, juntas. y ha pasado, alba!! es real!! aunque no lo parezca, tenemos a la otra para corroborarlo jajaja. quién nos lo iba a decir... so why don't we go somewhere only we know? 💜


i present you the one and only @darrencriss.
i could write a million things... but since i've met you i've never been good with words (hehe). many years ago you literally changed my life, and i'm so grateful i got to say it to you face to face. your hugs were the warmest, and when i was in your arms i felt like home. you understood me with just one look, you simply knew. i wouldn't change a thing. all this time waiting to meet you, waiting to thank you, was so damn worth it. i'd do it all a million times again. i know this won't be the end of everything, and that i'll get to see you again.
also... your voice, man. oh my goodness. that was the best concert i've ever attended, and i've been to a lot. i just wished you kept singing for hours and hours, i could listen to your voice for the rest of my life. and i definitely will.
i hope you read the letter i gave you, and understand how much you mean to me. also i hate you, cause my body will for sure have more ink on it, and it's all because of you! i don't give a damn if they can't understand.
you are one of a kind darren, and i adore you, but oh, you already know that. hope to see you again real soon, my multitalented king. i know i'm not alone, cause you're here with me 🖤 xx

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i'm not dead, i only dress that way. || 📷 @srtademartin_photos


everything's nothing without you. 🌊


as long as you're the driver i'm your hitchhiker 🐕🐩


let 'em wonder how we got this far, cause i don't really need to wonder at all 🦋 #love


que nos sigan las luces ✨ #conciertOT #love #bff


el primero de muchos. gracias, te quiero. #love


el chico tiene algo, hay una luz en su interior ✨

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and I woke up just in time, now I wake up by your side, my one and only, my lifeline 💎


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