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It feels awkward at first and it looks all wrong. You stay with it. Then, it starts to feel good and you stop caring so much about how it looks. This is one lesson from my yoga asana practice that helps me stay the course as an entrepreneur...
- I absolutely loved these words of wisdom by @jen_klu


Last night I completely failed at making a green sauce with tahini, cilantro, + mint and had to save my concoction by adding chickpeas.
This makeshift hummus spread turned out to be pretty tasty, so I ended up using it as the sauce for my tacos filled with arugula, corn, black beans and basmati rice. A bit random, but delicious.


I thought that pain was beauty
And beauty was an extremity.

I thought that loneliness was a spell
Cast permanently over me.

I thought that undeserving
Was what I was.
And be loved,
I could not.
-part of poem @omwithallee wrote about meeting me back in April 2012.
📷 by @icreatelife_


It's so easy to get caught up in what @omwithallee and I call the 'next next next' mentality. It happens when you're doing one thing that may even be magical or life changing but you are too busy thinking about what you're going to eat for dinner, or do tomorrow, or where you'll visit next...
The only way to escape this trap is santosha, contentment. It is the type of consistent contentment that is grounded in the present moment with no ties to past or future moments. When I start to catch myself in this mindset, I like to close my eyes and repeat to myself BE. HERE. NOW. Be here now. You can think about the rest later.
This moment captured by @omwithallee was my attempt at being completely immersed in enjoying this new organic cold-pressed Jalapeño-Kiwi-Cucumber Kombucha from @heathade. I think I have found my new favorite flavor that is sweet and slightly spicy.


LETTING GO of what was can be as simple as inhaling LET and exhaling GO. This mantra meditation I have learned from @jivamkutinyc has helped me accept what is, and allowed me to have faith for the future.


I am always so happy when I discover amazing vegan restaurants like @veggiecastle, especially in areas where vegan options are scarce. Everything here is amazing, but this @impossible_foods burger with coconut buttermilk fried oyster mushrooms and plantain bun was so good, that I ordered a second one to bring home! #whatveganseat #nycvegan


One of the paradoxes of life is that the best results come when we focus on the process. Everyone needs goals, but remember to focus on the path and not the destination.


Cheesin’ hard because I am now an ambassador for one of my favorite brands, @healthade.
The first time I tried kombucha, I found it quite odd. It was a home brewed batch made by the mother of one of my close friends. I never thought I would grow to love kombucha as much as I do today.
I would love to know what your fav @healthade flavor is, or hear about your first time trying kombucha! 😊


In Nepali, my last name, ‘Gurung’ is associated with and roughly translated to mean ‘warrior’. I can distinctly remember the meaning my grandmother derived from our last name. A Gurung is someone who is courgaeous enough to feel what one feels. #lineageoflove


Yoga is different from other practices like Math, Dance, Gymnastics, Piano or Soccer. A yogi is a Yogi 24/7 forever. Even when you sleep and use the bathroom, you are still practicing Yoga. It must be. When you eat or fall in love, it is also part of Yoga.
There is a two-fold understanding:
1) you must act with the intention of HELPING at all times. The intention behind what you are doing is the most important. Even if you are angry, try to help.
2) see your body as a highly sensitive machine that you can use to develop your consciousness - take care of it and feed it properly, train it and discipline it. Every body is different. Find what works for you..
- Words of wisdom by one of my favorite darkness remover Erinji @erin_bodyaware


I absolutely love what @omwithallee wrote last week:
This week I’ve been thinking a lot about people who have served as teachers to me throughout my life. I have always felt a certain sense of respect and reverence for those who have shown me the way.
But there is a trend now to downplay, almost disassociate ourselves with, those who have taught us. I’ll give you just one example, but it is everywhere. In the Instagram yoga community, there is a trend where yogis proudly tout that they are ‘self taught yogis’ in their bio. This practice always bothered me, but until now, I never dug deeper as to why.
The practices of yoga, although ultimately a very personal and individual practice, have been passed from student to teacher for many generations. Learning from others is not a weakness, but rather a recognition of someone else’s abilities. This recognition allows us to be honest with ourselves about what we don’t yet know or where we have room to grow. It reminds us that it is ok to ask for and accept help.
Nobody is self-taught. We all learn from our parents, our school teachers, our friends, acquaintances and even from books, Google, YouTube and Instagram. Admitting that we had help does not take away from our own achievements. Instead, it brings us together and allows us rise up together.
As Hari Kaur, the kundalini teacher says- the guru, or teacher, is not within. The teacher is the external person or circumstance which helps you remember that you are one with God/the Divine.
Honor those who have taught you in any capacity. Allow yourself to feel gratitude for what they have offered you.


This meal might look simple, but it’s not. I found morel mushrooms at the Jersey City farmers market last week. If you haven’t tried them, you must! They taste like chewy, gamey mushroom version of animal intestines.
They’re kind of expensive because they’re rare, but they are so so worth it! #veganfinds #morelmushrooms


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