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18 |Go-getter|Overcomer|His faithful Servant 🙏
Living an iridescent life ❤️👆

Do you get that funny feeling when you realize you're not the same person you were 5 months ago, or a year ago, or 4 years ago? Isn't it fulfilling? Isn't wonderful? That you're constantly changing whether you feel idle in a physical place- a good or bad one, in another dimension, your self is still travelling, like its not just stuck emotionally and mentally. You're still growing even if you're just staying in the same old physical space. Do you guys get me or what? 🤔 #TB


I honestly miss the stage. 🎭


Philip's capo on second fret and that small G-clef sign near the window. One thing you probably dont know about me is that i wasnt really very passionate about music from the start. I grew up with a family of musicians, singers, band members, choir members. But before, i wasnt really into it. I was probably scared or too shy or something. I went into dancing and at some point cried and get subtle anxiety attacks when they'd let me sing. Life was quiet. But music was always there waiting for me until i was ready to embrace it fully again, i couldnt deny it anymore that this was for me. And ive been making melodies since God knows when and meeting alot of people who loves it too. Thank God for the gift of music ❤️

On another note, my guitar is named Philip, derived from Philippians 4:13. Hihi


Just what I needed.


Glad to be part of this family ❤️ and meeting more peopleee! #uscchoristers


More climbing please? 💚 #TB 📸: @blaisebash


I am at my happiest when im in the mountains 💚


Continue to grow. Continue to love. That's my idea of a perfect journey.
📸: @kath.kath08 😘


Let's play a game!


Happiness depends on you. Don't expect someone else to give it to you. Be your own sunshine 🌞


I live life to its fullest because I know that's what He wants me to do. I remember a few years back crying infront of the altar (yes in.ana ko ka amards 😂) with no words to say for it was too hard for me to express in words what I feel. I felt hopeless and thought there was no way out. But here I am now, my heart full of gratitude for all that ive been through, for all of the people that ive met and for all the things that are yet to come. And I dream that every single person in this world no matter what they are going through, will keep the faith too. Bright things are yet to come. All of the storms are necessary. Soon you'll thank yourself for fighting.


Need to catch my breath and let go 🍃