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A little rosè and a little planning in the sun.


Skypemeeting with multiple lawyers.
✖️Give me a 👍🏽 if you dealt with good lawyers and a 👎🏽 down if you dealt with bad lawyers! ✖️A lot of entrepreneurs have not been entrepreneurs long enough or on advanced levels enough to have trusted lawyers or experience with legal business processes. (It will happen. It’s just part of doing business)
Much less know when people try to take “legal action” which in some cases, they’re just betting on you being unexperienced and thinking you will just do as they say out of fear. (I’ve made quite a few lawyers feel stupid when they send phoney “demands” and then get an answer from my very formal and experienced lawyer in lawyer talk saying “lol, busted!”) ✖️I’ve decided that I’m gonna start sharing some of these insights and anonymous examples of legal processes me and my company has been through and some perspective on how I see lawyers now after 13 years as an entrepreneur. ✖️How I use their services for my own companies and for my clients benefits. ✖️A good lawyer should save you money and process time, not cost a fortune for unnecessary work.


Driving and listening to music is now officially on my top 5 favorite things to do. I do some of my best problem solving and ideation in the car. Listening to @travisscott or @nickiminaj 🖤🧡💛


The beach and the ocean is my reset. ⏸️ I grew up on a sailing boat half my childhood. Whenever we where out of school my parents packed Jamsession, our open ocean boat and we didn’t come back. Sometimes for weeks. Sometimes for months. Hearing waves. Smelling the ocean salt. Feeling that breeze in my hair. It resets me and makes me remember who the fuck I am.
Do you know your reset place? Do you have a way to reach back down and connect with the core you without your awards and money and grown up accomplishments?
You need that place and you need to know how to use it to stay SANE and FOCUSED as an entrepreneur. .
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I just took this picture because I’m obsessed with neon. Lol.


Afternoon business calls from pool. 🌴☀️📲🌴 What’s the weirdest place you’ve taken business calls? 😂


✖️My necklace is heavier than Rick Ross’ jewelry. 😂✌🏼 ✖️I’m so extra haha. But I don’t care. I like being me. 🧡💛 ✖️what do you like about yourself? Isn’t it crazy that liking yourself and having fun being you is considered bold in today’s society?


Fightnight. ✖️💥🥊 #letsgetreadytorumble #ufcfightnight ✖️Finally got to go to a UFC fight here in Los Angeles. ✖️✌🏼Yes, I’m a secret UFC and Boxing fan. ✖️👀 Yes, I also wear sparkly platform heels to a bloody fight. 💁🏼‍♀️👠 ✖️And it was 42 C 。/ 108 F。😅🧖🏼‍♀️ #fightnightsglobal #fightnights #ufc #ufcfightnight #boxing #boxingtraining #mixedmartialarts #ootdfashion #ootds #kenzo #kenzobag #fighters #ufcfighter


Behind the scenes of another video shoot. Hope you all had a good 4th! 💛🧡💛🧡


✖️ Do you ever just stop and think: ”damn... I already achieved this goal? If I can reach this one this fast, what more can I do this year?” ✖️No? Never achieved 24 goals in less than a year? I just did with my own method GoalPlan Session. That I’ve used for years and years. Both on myself and on vountless entrepreneurs, investeras, business students, design students and executives. Actually I’m on 28 goals achieved this year and counting. But I’ve used this method every month and every year for years now. It’s ingrained in my way of thinking and solving problems and taking decisions. ✖️If you’re interested in signing up for a session, no matter where in the world you are or where on your journey, send me a DM and I’ll tell you more about the process and how clients are chosen to go through my GoalPlan Sessions. Send me a DM today. ✖️Today’s Office: Santa Monica Beach. 🌴☀️🎶🥤🏐


It feels like for every business meeting I go to, I have a new tan-line from a dress or top so now I’m just a checkers board. Lol ◻️◼️◻️◼️◻️◼️