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In need of an eyeliner master class? We asked model, student and vintage aficionado @lily.yeung to show us how to achieve the perfect result with one swipe. The takeaways? Place your elbow on a steady surface, be patient, start small and build up! #HMMagazine #HMBeauty


When the flowers match your dress. 🌺 #HM #regram #MyDressMyStory @emilietommerberg
Dress: πŸ”Ž 0607539


It's all in the details. Shop our selection of swimwear β€” link in bio. #HM

Cut-out swimsuit: πŸ”Ž0567720
Bikini Top:πŸ”Ž 0620907
Bikini bottom: πŸ”Ž0620908
Bikini top: πŸ”Ž0620963
Bikini bottom: πŸ”Ž0620945


We've sorted your go-to summer look. Like it? Get it now via link in bio! #HM

Tasselled sandals: πŸ”Ž 0649018
Leather net bag: πŸ”Ž 0660220
Velour bikini top: πŸ”Ž 0628734
Trumpet-sleeved blouse: πŸ”Ž 0649544
Denim Shorts: πŸ”Ž 0603584


Current obsession? Yellow shades! πŸ’› @dayoon_i #regram #HM #MyDressMyStory

Dress: πŸ”Ž 0638972001


Whether you plan on catching sunrays or waves, you can't go wrong with this ruffled bikini. β˜€οΈπŸŒŠ #HM

Bikini Top: πŸ”Ž 0560208
Bikini Bottoms: πŸ”Ž 0560209
Flip Flops: πŸ”Ž0581298


Metallic details ⚑️Mix and match different colours – tap to find your favourite combo! #HM

Bikini Top: πŸ”Ž 0620963
Bikini Bottoms: πŸ”Ž 0620945
Bikini Top: πŸ”Ž 0620963
Bikini Bottoms: πŸ”Ž0620945


According to Rachel Nguyen from @thatschic, the perfect hair day starts with a swim in the ocean. If you prefer staying on dry land, this tutorial is the next best thing! #HMMagazine #HMBeauty


Beach? βœ”οΈFriends? βœ”οΈDream swimwear? No problem! ➑️ Online and in stores now. #HM


Add some 🌴🌴🌴to your summer accessories. #HM


@officiallyquigley shoots for the moon in this retro tee. πŸš€πŸŒ™ Nab yours in store or online! #HM #regram


Be a little bold like @nilninat! Swipe to see how the Turkish influencer own this season’s best trends πŸ“·: @le21eme #HMMagazine


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