#BobRoss once said, “We don't make mistakes, we have #happyaccidents. That's when you really experience the #joy of painting.” He then went on to add some mist in front of the trees, stating, “Misty areas are our #goodfriends. "

You can't deny the #truth of these words. He proves it with a few strokes of a brush against canvas.

But while this logic may hold true when we're talking about #painting a beautiful-yet-slightly-generic winter landscape scene, does it also apply to living out our #human lives? Are ALL of our mistakes really #happy accidents? And are the misty areas really the good #friends that Bob Ross would have us believe? I mean, aren't the misty areas kinda sketchy?

I guess it all depends on your #perspective and the level of #attachment to your mistakes. Or, more specifically, on your attachment to the suffering caused by them. Or how tightly your identification is woven with pain.

This is why the misty areas are such good friends. They provide us with the space to #change. They blur the lines between yesterday and today so we can #evolve into #now. The misty areas free us from defined form and connect us back to #Source. To the #Divine oneness of everything.

And that, I suppose, is when we experience the joy of living.



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