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Author of political fashion blog JooJoo Azad & book Tehran Streetstyle. Abolitionist & community organizer. Chicago 🐥
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I love this remix of one of my photos in my Tehran Streetstyle book of my friend and Iranian photographer @donnnya joon at @sam.cafe! Collaged/edited by @puriaroodbarani


Goodbye Ramadan office hours! My favorite part of working from 9pm to 5am (and then again from noon until 7pm...we put in hard work!) was that no one would respond to my emails immediately that early in the morning so I could pretend like I was making headway in my rather frightening email inbox. 😂 For everyone asking when this photo was posted in my stories last week, the mouse pad is a Persian carpet I got from Iran, the poster on the left is from my trip to Cuba, my desktop background is the Vakil Mosque in Shiraz, Iran, and my laptop brand is Asus but I absolutely do not recommend them 😂😅


Eid Mobarak! / عید مبارک / کل عام وانتم بخیر. / 🌹🌹🌹 may your Eid be filled with blessings, lots of dessert, and Iran winning its first #worldcup2018 today #teammelli 🎉 (Photo: The Blue Mosque in Afghanistan, perpetually surrounded by thousands of joojoos 🐥, source unknown)


You what is dreamy? A world without prisons, fast-fashion, and sanctions that force Iran's football team to wear jerseys with rips and upside down numbers (I'm only a nationalist once every 4 years for the world cup let me have this). #TeamMelli
دنیایی بدون زندان‌ها، فست فشن‌ها، و تحریم‌هایی که تیم ملی فوتبال ایران را مجبور به پوشیدن پیراهن‌های نخ‌کش و با‌شماره برعکس نمی‌کند، آرزویم است

Thanks for the dreamy time & photoshoot in Toronto, @em__ali!🌹


In my element 🍃 keep eyes peeled for some upcoming pieces /collabs around the Global Labor Justice's just-published report on the horrid labor conditions in @hm, @gap, and @walmart's factories in SE Asia. (Including reports of firing pregnant women & fainting from exhaustion -- gonna link the report in my stories) / outtake photographed by @kevnserna for @brownbook magazine, issue 59


So verily with hardship there is relief. Indeed, with the hardship, there is relief. 94:5-6. / Photographed by one of my favorite photographers, @farahkhad ❤️🕋


Ayyy let's get it. Thank you for the cover feature, @ethicalstylejournal alongside these wonderful women! Wearing #ethicalfashion labels @bhavastudio & @shopvesta / Creative direction: @dominiquedrakeford / Available for pre-order now! 🌟


Throwback to on tour in Toronto, shooting with cuties (like the incredibly talented & sweet @em__ali who got this shot despite quite a rooftop of distractions) and eating halal chicken and waffles which we all know is what my mind has been thinking about this Ramadan 😍🍗


.رمضان مبارک! 🌙🌹
Ramadan Mobarak 🌙 to everyone fasting whether you're starting today or tomorrow, and may this month be blessed and spiritually fulfilling for everyone, fasting or not.
InshAllah may we give our prayers to the oppressed around the world, and inshAllah may we be given the strength and guidance so that we may also be able to support and fight for justice beyond/supplementary to our prayers. 🙏🏽✊🏼 P.S. ICYMI, we're having an Emergency Read on Gaza at @becauseweveread for a week!
Photography: @neginejas of @hellojasminephotos ❤️


50 women, six translators, lots of children, three designers, ten drivers, countless community partners, two childcare providers, a rotation of movers, my wonderful project assistant, and we did it. What can't be quantified is the infinite amounts of love and appreciation I have for everyone who made the first-ever test day for our sewing-cooperative happen. From our wonderful designers @productionmode @adilahmstudio @hausofblush who were able to create order out of chaos and test 50 women all while fixing machines and preparing patterns, to our translators @__oalkhawaja @hebhebhooray, Romina, Elham, & others who literally ran back and forth all day between test room and registration (sometimes w/kids in arms), to our incredibly patient and dedicated drivers, @emiliajane_ @kdodv @shahzadehyeirani @emulderize @aladdinhusain @summerz78 @shopchc @tezzavee & Mary (some who drove for hours & even picking up equipment for us on their way back) to @aicusa for being our home & @officefurniturecenter for the major discounts for our industrial sewing machines @aladdinhusain @niazkart @browngirl.jpeg helped us haul to our space the day before! And of course, my wonderful & beautiful Project Assistant, who without which this project would still only be an idea. I couldn't have dreamed for a better team, truly.
Yesterday was wild, and one of those days you can't really figure out where to start to describe it, let alone the incredible gratitude I have to everyone who helped made it possible. (Including everyone who shared my call for volunteers)! Your love & belief in the success of this project gives me everlasting inspiration, and always grounds me in the beauty of community, and a world I want to live in.

You'll hear from me again soon, as due to major community demand we're preparing for test day #2, will be launching our fundraiser to cover start-up costs, and I'll be dropping a cute website to document our progress. In the meantime, sending major love and appreciation into the world. With your support, we made a major step toward turning this into a reality. ❤️💪 Photo via @productionmode, who has been supporting me and this project since day 0. So much love.


**UPDATE** I literally love all of you thank you we did it!! Beyond everyone who has messaged (including those I haven't yet responded to) at this point no more help is needed as of now, THANK YOU to everyone excited about this project! Until next time!! ❤️⚡️💪🏼 *Urgent* Refugee women's sewing co-op: #Chicago CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS! We need support to move industrial sewing machines TOMORROW afternoon (4pm--just muscles needed, I have the uhaul!), Farsi & Arabic translators Wednesday from 12-3pm, and cuties with cars willing to drive the sweetest refugee and immigrant women to and from our co-op home in Irving Park Wednesday! Slide in those DMs, tag/send this to your #Chicago friends -- we need community love and support as we slowly make this dream a reality!
If we can pull this off, this sewing co-operative will be the first in the United States -- with a holistic approach to labor, we're working with refugee and low-income women at the intersections of the most need. We're working with women from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Eritrea, the Congo, and beyond in order to create sustainable, long-term employment. And not some pity/white savior bullshit that still plays into existing power dynamics: in proper co-operative style, the women will be running and managing themselves, each sharing ownership (& profits!) of the co-op. And it's about to happen!
But in order to be able to put this together, we need to have a "test day" to test the women's skills -- this is happening THIS Wednesday (eep!)! And this is where we need your support to help us get through what will be an inevitably chaotic day as we try to test nearly 50 women's sewing skills. Please let us know what you can do from our listed needs above. THANK YOU, and can't wait to document test day with you! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️


One year ago today I finished my first speaking/book tour, and today I'm so thankful to have just finished my second. I feel beyond blessed and want to thank everyone who invited me to their universities and conferences and everyone who came out to hear me ramble and make bad jokes -- meeting all of you who have read and been moved by this work is such a special feeling, and I'm so happy to have been able to meet so many of you (and so many amazing people)! ❤️
13 talks/panels, 10 cities, 2 countries, and 1 racist airport incident all in less than two months. Thank you (well, minus the racist lady from Delta Airlines who refused to give me a seat on the plane despite having a paid ticket). Anyway.
I haven't felt this refreshed in a minute (especially with Ramadan coming up!). Chicago summer, let's do this 💪🏼


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