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“Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.” - Deirdre Kaye


When you pay attention to another dog 🙈 (Swipe left! ⬅️)


After a big rain storm it’s nice to finally see everything bloom 🌿


Happy #tbt to baby Juneau!


Every dog deserves a full belly and a loving home.
I’m excited to share with you that @stellaandchewys have launched their Journey Home Fund.
For each bag of Stella & Chewys that is purchased, they will donate a meal to an adult dog rescue (up to 250,000 meals)!
This campaign is on behalf of the #JourneyHomeFund. We’re working to bring awareness to adult and senior pet adoptions. #ad


My little ray of sunshine ☀️


“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you.” - Edmond Lee


Meet Eli. You will be seeing him around for the next few months!

Eli has a condition called “cerebellar hypoplasia”. It means that the part of his brain stem that is responsible for motor skills such as balance, posture and coordination didn’t form all the way or correctly when he was a puppy. He’s just like every other dog, except he is clumsy, sometimes has tremors and wants to run EVERYWHERE.
He is going to be staying with my parents and they will be taking care of them. They absolutely love him! His previous place was a lot smaller and he wasn’t able to get outside much or interact with other dogs, so it was a huge change. He’s learning so much already, like how wonderful puddles are on hot day. I can’t wait to see him blossom here!


Happy National Puppy Day!
Juneau was one of three puppies. As he got older he slowly became more and more attached to me. While the other ones would run off and play, he would sit and look at me or try to get in my lap. I knew then he was the one for me. Two years later now and I still can see that little loving, blue eyed puppy in him. I was there during his first breath of life and will be there during his last. No matter how old he is, he will always be my little puppy. ❤️


When Holly gets stuck being the babysitter


Horses and dogs, what could be better?
This photo was taken when most of our snow was melted. Yesterday we received around 14 inches in the area of Minnesota that I live in! That’s about to the middle of Holly’s neck and chest, and up to our miniature horses bellies! 😳


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