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Nerd is the new black.

In celebration of #ComicCon starting this week I’m breaking out my “Sagat scar” TE. My first time going to the convention was to pick this up. I’m trying to go get some goodies this year too.


I made a video series of drunk people that I gotta deal with on my other page. This guy took a break from writing Hallmark cards to come give romantic advice to people passing by. #thelovedoctor #relationshipadvice


Almost had a few casualties, I had to iron a leg and an arm back together. Thus reaffirming that I’m not responsible enough for a dog yet.


Sun’s out Chun’s out. .
*this phrase has been copyrighted by Hott Nickelz industries and it’s subsidiaries. Any use of aforementioned phrase without expressed written permission of Mr Nickelz himself will be met with a swift kick to the “hoo ha”*


This was born of a few things:
1. I miss the Bengus / #jimlee X-men. I’d buy 10 copies of MvCi if they brought them all back.
2. My new place of business has an MvC2 cab and I’m practicing up. (the first combo isn’t mine, it’s homework.)
3. The Juggernaut theme song is the shit.


This game should’ve been a layup for #capcom. I know they’re probably done supporting it but I hope we get some new content announced soon. The X-Men would be smart.


I just picked up my #Spidey #onesie from the cleaners and the Marvel hype is at a fever pitch!!!


My team coming off the bench. I’m also working on some stuff featuring Psylocke and SFxT. I wanted to do some Tatsunoko too but the pcb in my Wii arcadestick bit the dust. 😢


The last member of my squad, Buu. He’s my weakest link so I’ve been trying to find time to practice him.


Player one side on my setup featuring the Chun Li vs Mai Shiranui / Capcom vs SNK rivalry.


Swipe for progress pics. I mounted both monitors and I got an adapter to hook up retro consoles. Almost done.


I got a blueprint from @jonyfraze on building a head-to-head setup out of a retail gondola. It’s still a work in progress, I need slatwall mounts for the monitors and a few other bells and whistles, including two of his custom “bread ‘n butter” DIY arcadestick cases.I’ll update when it’s closer to being finished.