Waris Ahluwalia@houseofwaris

In wildness is the preservation of the world -Thoreau

Après swim. Summer 2018.


Words of love and sorrow set aflame by @robertmontgomerystudio and @istanbul74 on the Aegean Sea.


What time shall I pick you up for summer solstice supper ? #concoursdelephant


Meet me for a midnight walk across Ponte Santa Trinita


Thank you @polimodafirenze for having me on the jury. Congratulations to all the students of this years graduating class.


10,338.9 kilometers via the Trans-Sahara Hwy from Kenya to Florence. But by plane it was much quicker. Ciao Firenze. Sono felice di essere qui.


Njoo tunywe chai na mimi


Brown, our wonderful guide from the Samburu tribe, with a Commelina Benghalensis, commonly known as the Benghal dayflower, considered a weed in the US but elsewhere in the world, a medicinal plant known to be anti-inflammatory, treat fever, and eye irritation.


On patrol with the National Police Reservists (NPR)- anti poaching unit in the 56,000 acre Loisaba Conservancy. This wildlife conservancy and working ranch sits on the western edge of Kenya’s most important wildlife movement corridors.


Hello friend.


On our way to meet Max and the @spaceforgiants team in Laikipia.
Space for Giants protects Africa’s elephants from immediate threats like poaching while working to secure their habitats in landscapes facing greatly-increasing pressures.


We spent an afternoon with Mingati, an elder, in his Boma. Understanding that a conservation plan that works hand in hand with the local community is the best course of action. They welcomed us with open arms and we had the rare privilege of having tea with his wife in the hut. This was photographed by @michaelturek right outside the Boma, as just a few meters away, two donkeys made sweet donkey love. Oh nature.