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Every day was January 28th


Le cœur


Running fast from a day job, running fast from the way it was - SZA


Since a youngin’ always dreamed of gettin rich.

I wish I won’t so shy, give me more, more.

That the worlds a lot bigger ever since.

When I realized what I missed.

Kiss the shoulder, hop in the Corolla.

Last night I had a bad dream.

Got home snatched my mamas keychain.

Five more albums inside my mind.

But tell me till you get it how could you know? “I would think you was a clown right now.” Moonwalking between the seats.

Wanna know a funny thing...? So how you looking up to me when I look up to you?

It’ll haunt you... Thank you mama, dry your eyes.

I ain’t never copy, no. (What’s the value of a thing?) Things change, rearrange and so do I.

Made a deal with Father Time, yeah.

I look around like-
Tale of 2 Citiez / ‘03 adolescence / 1997 Diana - J.cole & Brockhampton


Search for feelings I can’t find, yeah

I’m a ghost because I grind, yeah

Made a deal with Father Time, yeah “I can make you live forever
All you gotta do is dance until you die, yeah.”
-Dom McLennon




Fireworks just start the butterfly


CIERA-LYON: Joba’s Rut / Abraham’s Dilemma


Of one part intellect / one part empathy / one part the Void Which Binds -/-Dan Simmons


She asked me if I’m scared to fly
to tell the truth, I’m terrified
I never been that high before

Very bad reason not to go
Terrible reason not to go



If a body catch a body coming through the rye- H.Caulfield